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Hiroshu Kensei

Guest Hiroshu

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Guest Hiroshu

I. Basic Info 

  • Character: Hiroshu Kensei
  • Linkshells: None (yet)
    II. RP Style 
    • Amount of RP (light, medium, heavy):
      Medium. Occasionally I've got an in-game goal I just want to power through. But I mostly say that because I enjoy staying in character often, but I don't have a lot of time to spend outside the game developing backstory. I know my character's personality, and I piece together a backstory as I learn the lore in-game. That said, I enjoy running into characters played by people who do have a better grasp on the lore and can give me some in character opportunities to learn more. My character is my personal movie of the game, and he serves as both my protagonist and audience avatar.
    • Views on RP combat and injuries:

      I've done it before and it can be fun. MMOs always muddy the waters here, in my opinion. I'm not even sure how you would do it in this game. But I do like the idea of RPing while in quests/dungeons and pretending the stakes are a little higher than "if we die we'll just respawn." I also come from the early days of FFXI, where death was kind of a Big Deal compared to modern MMOs, so I've actually grown to enjoy that tension, and would love to embark with fellow adventurers who enjoy the same. If you've got a cool idea and you're looking for warm bodies to try something, let me know, I'm probably game for a go at it.


    • Views on IC romance:
      I have to admit, I like a little soap opera. I'm not crazy about long term romantic RP (dating, marriage, etc.), but I have a lot of fond memories of RPing love triangles (where I usually lose out to the nicer guy, and I'm totally fine with that, gives me something to silently brood about) and general romantic angst. Hiro is a brash, flirty swashbuckler who on a long enough timeline eventually hits on everybody, so I like to play that up. That's why I referenced Lando in the subject of my welcome post. Think Lando with a sword.
    • Views on non-romantic RP (family ties, etc):
      In general, I like any kind of relationship-driven RP. Life and games both are very mechanical without unique social bonds to share the experience with. I open up fast, but I only keep a few people truly close, and I'm fiercely loyal to those I believe in. I've always enjoyed the story arc of the aloof renegade with no apparent sense of loyalty falling in with a group of good-hearted people and forging the family he never thought he could have.
    • Views on lore:
      Unfortunately, I don't have a lot of time/patience with reading up on lore outside of the game. Like I mentioned before, I see this experience as my own movie focusing on my character's perspective in the story. I like to go in as a fresh audience, so I play my character that way so long as I'm new to the game. Over time, I let the lore come to me. If you're the type who likes to gush about the lore to the uninitiated (such as scholarly type characters), I'm a good target for your character. I will play aloof and uninterested, because that's my character, but behind the keyboard I will really enjoy that kind of interplay. I might call you a lore whore OOC, but I do so endearingly, and with absolutely no hate.
    • Views on chat functions (/say, /linkshell, etc):
      Say is IC, tell is OOC, LS could go either way. Tell is generally OOC in my mind. My RP foundation comes from AOL, where you'd RP IC in the chat room, and you'd IM somebody to comment OOC. I think that works well. I'm pretty flexible, in any case.

    III. Other Info 

    • Country: United States
    • Timezone: EST, but I get to work weird hours as a freelance artist, so you could see me around anytime.
    • Contact info: Message me here or in-game, and don't be shy, 'cause I will bite you, and you'll like it.



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