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A Sea of Gold [ Open ]

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This was Avenger's method of protesting against his companion's request. Both of them have endured the heat for days now along with the frigid temperatures that came during the evening. To leave her alone here would be a dangerous task, and because he does not separate often from combat --worried him. Rivienne's dry hands fell over either side of his beak; golden eyes sought the dark ones that stared back at her and she sensed his apprehension about her going against a horde Amalj'aa alone, here in the middle of the Sagolii desert. But, what little choice did they have, especially when the life of another was at stake.


The only reason they were both out here was due to the reports of a missing Miqo'te female, one in her youth, who ventured out to hunt the Sandworms days past and had yet to return. Such stirred commotion as a few hunters were sent to track her down, but to no avail. Her family used the last of their resources in funding their trip, but Rivienne, who happened to be traveling through the South Thanalan, heard of such travesty befalling the family at the Forgotten Springs. Due to her own experiences, she knew the pain all too well and would not allow this opportunity slip from her grasp.


She volunteered to take in the torrid temperatures of the desert, despite her loathing of the heat in general, and to let the chill sink into her skin when night fell. Over the dunes she went, against the prickling winds of sand, under the relentless heat of the sun. For what seemed to be an endless sea of gold, Rivienne searched far and wide, battling mirages and hoping that the sand did not swallow them whole.


Her long travels had taken a toll now after nights of searching, there still was little evidence of the Miqo'te youth, until the Elezen strayed close to an encampment.  She could see cages, barely, through the dust storm that had whipped up around the area that day. And, upon closer inspection, she did notice movement within them --and at the same time attempted to keep out of the view of those beastmen.


Which places them in this situation..



She gave him instructions to return back to the Forgotten Springs, to gather others to this location if possible, for a riderless Chocobo, equipped with saddle and barding, would catch the eye of someone. A quiet prayer was spoken to him as she readied herself to cover his retreat, for soon the eyes of these Amalj'aa will turn to her direction when he flees.


Avenger took off without a glance to check on Rivienne, who already had taken an arrow from her quiver and positioned herself between and a dilapidated structure that offered some cover from an attack. 


"Well then, one against ten, twenty? Perhaps twenty-five? Seems the odds are in my favor," the throaty chuckle escaped her lips before seeing the Chocobo had caught the attention of a patrolling beastman, who then alerted his brethren. Rivienne had her arrow in the air seconds after the cries echoed into the air -- and thus began the exchange of the huntress and the worshipers of Ifrit.


If all went well, others would come to lend their aid once Avenger reached the town.. 


..if not --well she will do what she came here for, to rescue this girl. One way or another.

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