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Looking for raid allies

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First off: Apologies if this isn't the best place for this post. Wasn't 100% sure where it should go.


Hi folks. Been scarce around here.  Unfortunately my time to get into RPing on XIV has proven scarce as I've been trying to put more effort into dedicated time for writing, so my Free Company has shifted from plans for a RP FC to basically just being a group of RL friends.  There's 6 of us making up the FC, but we wouldn't exclude others we got along with or anything.


However, that's not the purpose of this post!  What we're in real need of is a few allies that might be interested in running raids.  We're not aggressively pushing for progression, but we would like to be able to push into Bahamut's Coil and Extreme Primals.  We're a laid back group...You might say "They are a silly lot" even.


We need 2 people to join us, usually on Wed nights around 8 PM CST and it doesn't necessarily have to be 2 static spots.  If we had 5 or 6 people interested from other FCs (or a quarter of a ho-jillion) that are on around that time who don't have their own group and might wanna hop in once in a while, we'd be delighted to build that network of friends.  (Unfortunately "Debauchery Tea Party" Linkshell was taken).  :3


We have, for sure:


2 tanks (PLD and a WAR who threatens he's leaving to be RDM when it comes along)

1 healer (WHM)

3 DPS (monk-to-be-ninja, BLM ((BLM also has been healing as WHM lately...and also claims RDM is his)), and bard)


If anyone's interested, please let me know here or poke me in game!  ^_^

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