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REMINDER: Piquant Pumpkin OPENING tomorrow! -Details and Location-

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[align=center]Hello Boils and Ghouls! We open tomorrow on:[/align]





[align=center]All details on this event are located here:







The Piquant Pumpkin is located at [/align]





[align=center]The event will kick off at 5:00 pm (PST) 8:00 pm (EST)


These are some of the goods that will be available during the event:[/align]






We're going to have riddle competitions, spooky stories, news going on in Hydalen, food, drinks, jack-o-lanterns, entertainment and of course, a place for people to socialize and be themselves.


There will even be a grand prize of 10,000 gil to ONE lucky contender!


For which competition? You'll have to sign up and find OUT!!!


Hope to see all of Balmung's Roleplayers there! Remember...




[align=center]If you have any questions or want to pick up what positions are left, feel free to send Gus Pumpkinweed a tell in the game!



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