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Question regarding naming and race.

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"Hello all!"


When i first started on FFXVI i did not really thing that i could do some role playing,

but as luck would have it, i started on the Balmung server.

Now my first and last name doesn't match the lore, witch is not good.

My name on FFXVI is Reuprulian Lalafell, and i would like to get some opinions on what

race i should use (Changing race in the near future)?

I'm to fare into the FFXVI to restart, my char.


Kind regards,



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You do have the (pricey) option of forcing a name change through a server transfer, so that's a possibility to get lore compliant name.


Unfortunately, there's no race where that name fits the naming conventions, but you can view that as an opportunity instead of a weakness. Let's say your character remains a lalafell -- think about, from a story standpoint, how he would've gotten that name. Was he raised by hyur in a small village who named him after one of their ancient ancestors? The name sounds a little elezen, so perhaps he was named by an kindly, elderly elezen who, when he passed away, left your character alone in the world? Is he from a far east society, now conquered by Garlemald, that used names like that? Did he get his surname when he registered as a refugee after the Calamity and a clerk, instead of recording his actual, complicated surname, just put down "Lalafell?" You can build an entire backstory off your character's name and use it as a hook in RP -- which will be helpful, as some characters are bound to raise the issue when they talk to you ("Reuprulian? That's a curious name. Where'd it come from?").

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FW's idea is a great one. Another option might be to simply put something in your search info like: "RP - ignore displayed name." I have seen people do this before, and I'm venturing a guess that most RPers are like me and will check out someone's search information before RPing with them for the first time.


Beyond that, the process for the server transfer name change is as follows:


1.) Create a character with the same name you have currently on another server.

2.) Transfer the character whose name you'd like to change to that server, which will force a name change for this character due to the name already existing there.

3.) You'll have to wait 72 hours to do ANOTHER server transfer back to Balmung.


I did this once myself, after writing my original 1.0 character (Teveriel Anduin) into a corner of sorts, and decided a fresh start was in order. It's pricey, but I personally found it worth it to to not lose my progress. You may not - but the option is still there. :) Good luck, whatever you do.

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