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Digging up the Past {CANCELLED}

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((This is the start for the upcomming excavation  For now, all those participating please post your characters ame, relevant skills, and what they hope to gain frm the project.  Once we are satisfied we have all participants, we can jump into the rp and move on to briefing))




Garrett sat at his desk, making the final touches on the sign up sheet.  Things were going well enough.  He had found work as an instructor at Vylbrand Academy, as professor of archaeology, and was teaching classes. Just a few nights ago, the review class concluded, and with it, the introductory portion of his archaeology class.  It was time for the students to get their hands dirty, literally and figuratively.


It was all coming together nicely so far.  Someone at the very academy Garrett teaches at offeed to sponsor the excavation, imposing certain impediments upon Garrett and his would-be dig team, of course, but she seemed trustworthy enough, and had something of an interest and respect for the discipline.


A structure that supposedly dated back to the great flood.  The sixth umbral era.  1500 years ago.  It was well-hidden.  Garrett had scouted the area on his own after speaking with the sponsor, miss Akane.  Her guards reported to him that not a soul had stirred in the area since they'd been posted.  Excellent.  Just the way it should be.  He only hoped it would last.  The dig site was very close to Garlean territory, so there was also that to watch out for.


With a final swich of the quill, and a nod, the sheet was finished.  Garrett stood up, walked over to the bulliten, and posted the signups.







Sponsor - Miss Lilith Akane

Overseer - Professor Garrett Gray


Faculty and students of Vylbrand academy, guests, sponsors, and hirelings,


Thank you for your interest in uncovering and preserving the past of Eorzea, and Hydaelyn itself.  Those who have either completed 2/3 of the introductory classes, or attended the review class are all eligible to take part in the upcomming excavation.  Others who wish to attend will be dealt with on a case by case basis.  It is my hope that this experience be enlightening and exciting to you all, and open you up to an entirely new world.  The world of the past.


You will soon find out that archaeology is not "X marks the spot", and the process is uncomfortable, exhausting, and dangerous.  This is not a controlled class project.  This is an actual excavation, and should be approached with the utmost care and respect.  We will be bound by certain contractual impediments and obligations by our sponsor.  This is a normal part of the process, and will also serve to give you a glimpse into the world of archaeology.  Together we will face the elements, insects, wild animals, and possible hostiles.  However, to those who posess a drive to succeed, and a thirst for knowledge, it will be worth it. 


Below, you may sign your name, which will confirm you as a member of the dig team.  Please list any relevant skills and what you hope to get from this experience as well.


Thank you again, and good luck out there.


*Below, and on the next page are a number of blank lines, each with enough space to write a couple of sentences.*

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Eudalie wandered about the academy for some time, attempting to keep a low profile with her head ducked down and her ears flat. She assumed information about the class would be somewhere around here, and if she could only find it, she wouldn't need to be a bother to anyone. After some very deliberate reading through flyers and notices, she spotted a familiar name. Garrett.


Her face lit up as she neared the notice and folded her hands in front of her in false prayer. The show of manners met none but an empty corridor, but she did not waver until she finished scanning the information. Eudalie took a step back and released a great breath. Relevant skills? What could she possibly have to offer in the class's excavation? She tilted her head and twisted her mouth into a crooked purse while debating her quandary. After a short bout of pacing, her ears perked and she leaned onto the bulletin board, prepared to answer.


"Let's see," she mumbled to herself. A chuckle ensued as the quill scratched at the paper. In loopy print, there was written:


Eudalie N'aal - Healer, prepared to react to accidents & mend wounds; Able & willing to supply meals to dig members. - I hope to learn more of our history and get my hands dirty!



Eudalie peels away from the board and smiles at her ink-worn signature. She stifles a giggle behind one palm and turns on her heel, wondering if anyone will find her pun funny while she strolls.

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Enough time had passed.  It was time to begin the project.  Garrett had spent almost no time at the academy recently, so he was curious to see how the signup sheet would look.  It was a less than busy hour when he entered, and approached the bulliten.  He looks down for his posted signup sheet.


"One...?  I suppose not many people have the determination and interest for this work after all...  I suppose we'll have to hire a small team."  Garrett said to himself, reading over the one name that had been written down.  "Eudalie, huh?  She certainly has the curiousity...but I wonder if she has the stamina and endurance for an excavation?  I suppose we'll see"  He said, removing the sheet, and stashing it away in his coat.


"Well, I had hoped for more, but it's better to have a tiny team of people with a passion for the work, than a larger team of apathetic ones."  He said, turning to go upstairs to his desk.  It was time to contact those that were coming, which meant Lilith, and Eudalie.



((At this point, you can just assume that he wrote letters/used a linkpearl to contact you, and we can skip to them meeting up for briefing at the Academy, so go ahead and make your initialposts close to that point.  Unless you -want- to play out recieving the letter and all, in which case I am absolutely fine with it!))

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