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Final Fantasy XVI announced at E3

Excited for Final Fantasy XVI?  

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  1. 1. Excited for Final Fantasy XVI?

    • It's going to be Spook-Tacular!!!
    • Well... at least it will be better than Final Fantasy XIII....

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[align=center]Square-Enix proudly presents the next project in development.[/align]



[align=center]Join Gus Pumpkinweed, a pumpkin trying to cope with the new fundamentals of life when he suddenly awakes as a living breathing creature. Who caused the pumpkin to have life and why? Unravel the secrets when Final Fantasy XVI hits shelves Winter of 2018![/align]

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I will do with this game what Hornet has done with the Pumpkin Cookies given to her...... throw it away!!!


*maniacal laughter*


Some creatures got to eat the discarded cookies, so regardless it went to a good cause! I always knew that your character was very altruistic!



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One day. One day, we will have another Tactics game that doesn't suck.


Until then, mainstream series garbage! 8-)


Hey, but XII was good! And XV looks like it's shaping up to be pretty decent. I dunno about this XVI, though. Not a fan of the chibi art style shown on that box art... hmmmmm.

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