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The Eorzean Gambit

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[align=center]The Eorzean Gambit is a shiny new RP FC on Gilgamesh.[/align]


[align=center]Do you like to go places and hit things? If so, you should totally talk to Loetzoeng Barabhir about joining![/align]

[align=center]RP!!KILL THINGS!! EXPLOOOOOSIOOOONS!!![/align]


On a more serious note, the FC's purpose is something I hope to have evolve over time. Right now it is a group of people dedicated to fighting on the front lines to preserve Eorzea from any threats, and just generally be Big damn heroes. (Disclaimer: do not have to be big to qualify for membership. The Eorzean Gambit does not discriminate based on size)



Contact Loetzoeng Barabhir in game for more information, or send in an application.

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