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Making Up 2 Months of Plot - [Anelia Sadowyn] (RP Session through mIRC/Skype)

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Since my subscription is currently at halt and I am planning to move to a different place in next two weeks, is anyone interested in doing a RP session through skype/mIRC as a group like a story event? In case if you feel that going online in a game is difficult. 



-This time line period is happening from 2 months before today. (Since that is when I stopped showing up due to IRL issues)


-Anyone is free to join, whether you know her or not. - this is like a side story for you to gain connection with my character. 


-I've not decided what to do in combat system, but I guess grindstone is the biggest solution to this matter. 


* Basic synopsis is:



Anelia Sadowyn, well known Sultansworn trainer and captain has currently labeled herself as temporary leave-of-absence, while residing in Limsa Lominsa until she was mentally recovered. Her greatest traumatic effect was when she lost her sister during her subordinate trials while fighting cultists who were killing off citizens with an unknown plague. 


While she's aiding patients in Mist as a doctor, she received a note from Ul'dah and the other Grand Alliance to assist any volunteers to fend off a grand army of Sahagin tribes. As the Sahagins are trying to swarm down on the western shores of La Noscea, many innocent civilians were attacked and killed around the outposts of Aleport and Swiftperch.


Her other companion friend Mizuho Mitarashi from the far east tribes, have been by her side to recover Anelia's mind. 


Should there be any volunteers or heroes that may assist the young Sultansworn captain to draw her blade once more, should consider signing up for this event. 


Further story progression will be mentioned through Private Message.

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