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IN need of "NPC"s for an event.

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Hello everyone! I'm looking for some volunteers to be antagonists for our company event on Balmung. I need 5-6 people minimum and I'm sorry for such short notice, but it should be by tomorrow evening at 5pm Pacific 8 Eastern. 


The idea goes that during the companies fun a character comes running in asking to speak with an old friend. This friend is a member of our company and as it turns out there's a plot against the company itself. It seems that the idea of a group forming to identify new threats and deal with old ones in Eorzea isn't to appealing to this group of people. The character that ran in overhearing a bar room conversation joined up in order to learn what he could. (The position as spy is available) He could finally get away from the counter-group 30minutes before the attack. Around the city there are some key members of the counter group that if they can be found and dealt with will likely ruin the plans before they can even start. (I would like at least 3 people to play these hopefully as many as 5) 


The idea is the players play a game of hide and seek asking various people as to where the counter-group members might be. When they find you they are expect to use some sort of cunning or diplomacy to capture, convert, dissuade, etc.. you from your plans.


 We have some novice roleplayers in our company and I really hope to see them shine. I hope to find enough people to help with that. Obviously I have details if you're interested. Who knows what will happen smile.gif I hope it can grow it to a large storyline for the company that we can work on together for months to come.



Even if you just create a level one character that'd be of a huge help to me! The level doesn't matter if the roleplay is good.

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