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Bastion of Twelve


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IC: The mission of the Bastion of Twelve is to be a quick reacting force that seeks to rearm, ready, and to defend the realm against those that would presume to challenge the gods and place them in their place, and seek to destroy the realm that is on the mend, by any means necessary. We do not submit ourselves to the authority of any city though we have an amicable relationship with Limsa Lominsa and the Maelstrom. There are those who stand as shining blades and stalwart shields, but sometimes what you need is a final line, a group that is willing to do what is necessary, to be a dagger in an alley just as readily as a line of shields in the daylight.


OOC: We are a good aligned free company whose aim is to rearm, rebuild, react, and take down those who would seek to be serious threats such as the Primals, the Garleans, and any who seek to take their place or take over. Our methods may not always be what are called lawful. Chaotic, Neutral, and Lawful good characters will be accepted. We have a loose command structure but those in a higher rank should be heeded in both IC and OOC situations.


We are a Rank 8 Free Company located on the Balmung server of Final Fantasy 14 a Realm Reborn and look forward to continuing to grow! We have a medium home in Mist for our members! We have OOC FC chat as well as an IC linkshell. We are presently CLOSED for recruitment ((may reopen 06/17)) More information on the company, as well as the ranking system, how to apply, and rules can be found on our enjin page: http://bxii.enjin.com


Present Leadership:

Grand Bastion: Sabrith Ebonclaw

Research Elder: Arete Sophoi

Diplomacy Elder: Tayelle Ebonclaw

Warfare Elder: Asuna Bluerose

Trades Elder: Hiko Yasshin

Healing Elder: Nereme Amaria

Grand Warden: Anevay Newmoon




Any questions? Please contact any of the listed above in game, Kanashii Aerrant, Aziza Nightshade or SabrithEbonclaw@gmail.com

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We're continuing strong and have a server wide event coming up! Everyone's looking forward to the new patch and eagerly waiting exploring new lands!



[align=center]-The following poster is found hanging in multiple establishments through out Eorzea, including most bulletin boards-BXSNp27.png[/align]


Pass it On

A Different Kind of Campfire Story

Hosted by Bastion of the Twelve


Join us for an evening of interactive storytelling around the campfire of Josselin's Spire in the Black Shroud! Everyone's the storyteller in this event- Where we make up the story as we go along and pass it along to our peers. Anything is bound happen when there's multiple narrators! Prepare yourself for an evening of laughter, suspense, horror, drama, or adventure! No one knows, but it's sure to be a good time!


Location: Josselin Spire Campfire, East Shroud (Near Hawthrone Hut)

When: Third Umbral Moon, 28th Sun((June 27th)), 17th Bell ((5PM ET))






OOC information: This a cooperative storytelling event in which everyone continues on the story at the point the previous narrator left off! The story can get very random, but that's the point! It's meant to be a fun activity in which everyone can participate and enjoy.  The rules of story telling will be as such: each person is limited to 5 minutes to provide up to 3 sentences of the story before they must pass on to the next narrator, preferably at 'cliffhanger' or incomplete sentence. A theme will be determined before the beginning of the  event, and to keep the story free from emote clutter, the narrators will use /yell, so please don't forget to turn the channel on! We hope to see you there!

Saturday June 27th, 2015 at 5PM ET


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Bastion's still going strong with 50+ unique members! We'd love to have more interaction with other free companies, especially since the busy holidays are finally over! We hope everyone's New Year was great!



Big event plans are approaching and several player run mini plots are in circulation

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With the summer months approaching we're slowing down a bit in order to better get to know our existing members. As of 4/22, recruitment for Bastion will be 'closed'. What does this mean? This means that we will only accept members who at least two other members (one of whom must be Bastion or higher) can vouch for. This is in addition to all normal requirements to join. Unless ended early by another vote, This 'closed recruitment' period will last for 8 weeks. Please check back in June for possible reopening! Thank you all for the continued interest and we'll be sure to host more events soon!


Our most recent election saw some new faces to our council as well as a new leadership position. The first post has been updated to reflect these changes:cactuar:

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