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Mysterious lightning storm rocks Vylbrand islands

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By Limsa Lominsa StaffNo fewer than three captains of ships traveling near an archepelago of islands southwest of Limsa Lominsa have reported a mysterious lightning storm to the Limsa Lominsa harbourmaster. Two of the ships, the fishing vessel Silver Maiden and the courier Black Hand, were forced to divert from their course to avoid being struck by what was described as "lightning strikes in clear sky" in their official reports."It were like the whole sky exploded," Captain Bhaldbyrt Kroehmstahlsyn of the Black Hand explained. "First we see a giant whirlwind on thar island, towering to the sky, then not a bell later, the island's throwing lightning up in the air and into the water like the tales of ol' Ramuh. I told me boys to get us the seven hells away from that afore we took a bolt to our mainmast, savvy?"A clerk for Mealvaan's Gate, speaking under conditions of anonymity as she was not authorized to speak to the press, said that strange meteorological occurrences in the vicinity of those islands have been reported by incoming ships over the last moon. According to the clerk, the islands are known to be unpopulated, but are known to be used as retreats and hunting grounds by members of the thalassocracy's upper classes.A Maelstrom representative could not be reached for comment, but the Grand Company released the following statement. "All captains should report any abnormal occurrences in their travels to the office of the harbourmaster and their Mealvaan's Gate representative. The Maelstrom, as always, will investigate any such events and take appropriate action for the safety of our shipping routes."

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