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Dream Ink RP-Plot

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[Didn't know if I should put this here, in the Balmung Events, or in the Town Square/Tonberry Lantern, should anything need to be moved, I hope someone will point it out and such so I or someone else can do so, thanks. This plot is something I'd been working on for just a little while now and I think I'm ready to get it rolling. You can read more about my plans for this RP at this link.]


Drug use is not uncommon in our realm. However, it is the duty of every law-abiding citizen to report drug use or abuse to their local authorities. Recently, an unusual drug has surfaced that has many confused and stumped. The drug, apparently known as "Dream Ink" has been being distributed around the three major city-states as of late. Usually, the drug is kept secret and generally only causes light euphoria. However, a new strain of Ink has been introduced to the public. The new strain of Ink has been kept under wraps until recently, when a man went on a insane killing spree near Bentbranch--although, he only seriously wounded many. He was subdued by Wood Wailers and immediately taken to the Fane to understand what might have sent the man into his frenzy. The Order of the Twin Adder suspects Dream Ink might be at play here...




The true intent of this plot is a test, more or less. I'd like to see people spreading rumors about other characters, talking to others and interacting on a truly large scale. Quite frankly, I was/am feeling a little dark and wanted to bring out some really dark RP. That being said, spread those IC-rumors! Secondly,  the purpose of this RP is to see where the drug will go. I expect that the drugs production will be halted and further distribution will cease, but, you never know?




There aren't any real rules except for: Do not Godmode/metagame when using the rumors. Unless your character knows a person who is using the drug or distributing it, you're extremely discouraged from approaching that person ICly and trying to arrest them or otherwise. The same goes for Law Enforcement or "justice-like" characters. Please go through proper IC-channels and ask questions and all that jazz to find a criminal or user.




For convenience, rumors will be posted on this Google Doc, posted in this thread, and posted on tumblr under the tag: #Dream Ink. When a rumor is being passed around, I would prefer the gist of it be sent to me so I may update frequently. Again, rumors should not be used to metagame, but as a tool for RP.


[That all being said, I do hope people can help make this interesting and fun. And here is a little hint for the first big piece of this plot: Try to hang around Ul'dah tomorrow(6/24) around 9pm-10pm EST]

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Gonna put this on semipause for a few reasons. Mostly: I'm going on a little weeklong vacation and will not be able to oversee things too well.


However, here is what I invite others to do:

Send me a message.

Reply to this thread.

Message me on tumblr: jacehunter.tumblr.com

Or on Skype: Kamiwolfy


And we can talk about something you would like to do with the drug. Currently, it is only prominent in Ul'dah. Perhaps someone would like to stir up some Drama elsewhere? Whatever you wanna do! Or if you need more info about the drug in order to properly understand how to "use" it in RP or what have you. Just give me a poke so I at least know you're doing it and stuff, yay! :D

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