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Interest Check-- RPG Storytelling.


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So I'm going to open up with a little fact about myself.


When I was a young kid, I loved stories. Not by reading, but by word of mouth. I liked hearing stories from my teachers, or the kiddy little stories in Disney movies (Brother Bear ;~~~~~~;) and I have devised my own stories to pass onto others. These are more like a series of different stories, as opposed to stories interrelated with one another. However, I am at a dilemma. 


So I turn to you all.


Of course I can't audibly pass these stories on, but I thought of something else. What if instead I made a sort of... RPG storytelling? I gather up a bunch of interested folks  who want to participate in a story, and their actions will build up the stories from a series of available commands. Think of it as literally, a game. 


How does it work?

  • Depending on how many people are interested, there will be "parties", all who may or may not interact with each other directly, but one party's decision may just cause another party to have an easier time -- or a harder one.
  • "Parties" will have to solve various puzzles and defeat enemies with strength and wit to reach The Conclusion. 
  • Teamwork will be key. Communicating between each other may unlock other choices, which may ultimately make it or break it for a party.

This will all be out of character. Which means you don't have to feel pressured if a situation may end up in a character death. They won't die in characterly. I'm not that mean... maybe.


But in all seriousness, I kind of want to see how many people would be on board with this. If you have any questions, feel free to post a reply to this thread and I'll try to answer them all in a timely matter.

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We haven't met yet but I love volunteering. This sounds like a fun idea to me. Please consider me if you have the space. I think Llama could be a nice addition since she is a good follower with no leadership skills whatsoever which reflects my preference to perform support RP rather than leading.

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