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Best way to lvl LW in Grid?

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There is always a simple recipe that doesn't need to much doing, start out with that, and like the post above if you need leather of some sort start killing those beasts. When about rank 3-4 I would suggest starting the local guildleves, if you run out, next city and do the same again.


When u have to wait for the guildleves to reset start gathering for either same crafting job, and craft them into something simple. Or level a gathering, like Mining or Botanist. Some leatherworkers need supplies from Weavers to make better armor and stuff like that, so botanist and harvesting fields would get you supplies for Weaver and level that to give you a head start when you finally need to make something in Weaver class to use it for Leatherworker. + Gathering is a great source of income for crystals, easy crystals I mean. You can sell the things you don't need to a vendor, equals more money ;)

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