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[align=center]The young man roaming the streets seems eager to be heard as he calls out with a confident cadence, "Path of Oschon seeks adventurers and craftsmen! Medics and wardens! Join this company and see the wonders of Eorzea!" 




[align=center]Tucked in his arm he holds a leather satchel full of rolled papers, extending the scrolls to any interested parties as they pass.



[align=center]"Gain wealth and companionship with Path of Oschon! No finer adventuring company will cross your path! Reliable and experienced! File your interest with the OIC today!"










Free Company and (currently) Public IC RP LS

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Interested in getting your toes wet in Coil?


Our company is ready to start playing and we have a few spots open for the coming weeks.



No experience necessary, just a good attitude and ventrilo. 



Our first run will be this Saturday, July 5th @ 7:30pm (CST). Subsequent runs will be held Friday evenings @ 7:30pm (CST).


If you're interested, send me a message here or play around on our site.



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Interested in going to play in (first) Coil?


Join us this Friday at 7:30pm CST for the first four turns.


Unfamiliar with it? No problem, we're just out to play in some content.


Send me a message to reserve your spot!

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This Friday is a night to clear some spiderweby quests from logs for players new and old.


Too busy with RP to get around to King Mog or to finish that bard's epic retelling of your battle with Ultima weapon? Ramuh and Levi clogging your journal?


Join us tomorrow night (7/25) at 7:30 cst to get some of these things checked off your list. Afterwards we'll likely head into coil turns 1-4 for some fun.


New to the content? No problem! We have ventrilo available for explaination and discussion...or just to yell at our bards for facepulling. 




Let me know if you would like to join us!

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We just wrapped up our long running company plot in time for the 1 year anniversary!

What's in store for us next?



Here's to many more adventures and craziness!

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Happy December!


As we've been working to rebuild we've come across a population of players that have mentioned interest in joining but didn't want to sever ties to their own FCs for a plethora of reasons.


For this, we've decided to open up our IC pearl to the public! 


Need to scratch that adventuring itch but have ties elsewhere? Be a member of PATH without needing to leave your FC!


The same short application>interview/invite process is required and can begin by visiting our site.


Members of the LS will be held to the same policies that FC members are (as they'll be contracted employees, ICy) including the requirement to create/run or help run some small event for other members of the pearl/company.


This is an IC linkshell. Any OOC communication should be limited and always offset in someway (brackets, parenthesis, etc). Should there be an expressed interest we can open back up our OOC LS.


If you have any questions, feel free to drop us a message!

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There's also a super-fancy Teamspeak 3 server for those interested in mouth-hole communications!


Lovely folks in this Free Company, loving the roleplay thus far. Things are never short of interesting. :D

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We've had a couple of wonderful additions to our ranks recently!


Big plans for the new year! Let's see what those bells ring in!


Recruitment is still open, we'd love to have you!

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A busy month! 


Our newest story arch is beginning and we're looking for more eager adventurers looking to join in on the fun!



Daphine is also currently hosting series of clinic hours where in she gives first aid lessons to those in need of training these are open to anyone that would like to attend. Keep an eye on our site's calendar for more information.

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Just a reminder that Daphine will be hosting a first aid class tonight at 6pm CST at the company house (Goblet: ward 1, plot 22). Flyers have been left with the adventurer's guilds.


This is a basic first aid class meant for adventurers with little experience treating wounds, those needing a refresher course, or those that  do not carry the skills to heal aetherically.


We'll review the techniques from last week and discuss new techniques for stopping bleeding and stabilizing patients until further help can be found.




Editted to include time! Oops!

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