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Seeking Talent: a poster revisited


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As interest grew and more and more people began to hear about the recruiting preformance troupe, a new wave of posters made their way to both Ul'dah and Limsa Lominsa. Word of mouth also began to spread the word, the group's name popping up in conversations around tavern and campfire alike. The stage was calling...




((Thanks guys for such a positive response so far! This is all gradually coming together, so I think we're ready for auditions! Please respond to this thread (or if you prefer, mail me personally) with your applications if you're interested, and we'll arrange a time and place.))

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A few days later, a notice is tacked on at the bottom of each poster that still remains.


"In addition to those who would like to audition, we would also like to invite any playwrights, experienced or amateur, to contribute a possible thirty minute- to one hour-play."


((If anyone would like to respond, please contact me in-game or post a reply to this thread))

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((It's a shame it's in Gridania' date=' Remi would so volunteer. Guess I could always... make her head up there.))[/quote']


((Unfortunately, that's where the stage is! It's really quite nice, though, fully equipped for plays and preformances, with a lot of seating room for an audience!))

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Mason peered at the poster, then finding his journal without much thought, word for word made a copy.


(Is comedians misspelled? The comedy performance and writing aspect of it sounds fun to me OOC'ly- I am trying to figure out how to translate that into IC properly.)


(Well... it's an appropriately placed misspelling, at least. :oops: You can either ICly send Ana a message by post - i.e. sending me a PM here, or contact her in-game. Beyond that, it's in your hands ;) )

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(A few days after the first posters began appearing in Gridania ...)


"Come one, come all! Take a poster, if you will! Support the finer arts of the continent by showing your interest in The Rosewood Company!"


The booming, yet feminine voice of the Duskwight Elezen echoed across the street situated below her, as she paraded back and forth in front of The Quicksand's decorative, outdoor fountain. Vespaa Vaneslin had been busily proselytizing since some hours prior, and beside her was a still modestly sized stack of parchment yellow documents which she happily was handing out to any and every citizen, adventurer, and all persons who did not fit either of those two categories.


Normally this was not her usual manner of doing things. But when she had heard that her friend Satisiun, whom she had known since childhood, was trying to help out a certain performing Miqo'te that had caught his fancy, she felt all but obligated to make sure that she helped her friend in any way possible. After all, just seeing Satisiun looking a bit more happier than he normally was (which is to say, always mellow and about average in demeanor) meant that this Miqo'te was doing something right.


Just as Vespaa was handing yet another one of those parchments over to a passing citizen, she heard a guffaw come from near the doors of The Quicksand, her Elezen ears perking as her focus on her task was distracted just enough for her to avert light green gaze towards what appeared to be a rather gruff Roegadyn, who was amusedly responding to the poster alongside a Lalafel companion perched on his broad shoulder.


At first it seemed like he was letting out a hearty, positive laugh, but Vespaa felt her ears droop and eyebrow twitch as she watched the Roegadyn not only let loose a rather hefty spit into the paper, but then crumpled it up and let it fall to the ground, much to the gleeful delight of her smaller, vagabond companion, who let out an amused giggle.


"Bah! Ye think people are really going to show interest in such tripe?" The Roegadyn bellowed with a smug grin on his face once he spotted that Vespaa was watching him, the Duskwight Elezen crossing long, slender arms across her chest as he took heavy steps towards her. "Nothin' but wenches and men of questionable sanity dancin' around like fools, is all this is. If you want some 'entertainment', Ul'dah has plenty enough of it, if you get what I am referrin' to."


Vespaa normally looked rather cold, and considering her pale skintone combined with hair as white as a Moogle's fur tuft, she was looking rather frigid as she regarded the boorish Roegadyn, all while his Lalafel companion continued to snicker at his every rude word. Careful, metered steps would bring her right up to the man, who towered over her a good foot or so. Eyes gazed north as she gave a disarmingly polite smile.


"And I don't suppose you would know how to show me that very 'entertainment', would you?" The Elezen asked, her tone positively sweet as Syrphid Honey, with matching glittering green eyes to boot.


"Oho, looks like you understand what I am sayin', little lady!" The Roegadyn said with a grin so wide he surely must have had more teeth than the norm. "How's about you ditch this silly little job of yours handin' out flyers an--"


The Roegadyn would never finish what he was trying to say, as with an almost inhuman bit of speed, that same slender arm which looked as soft as a feather flew upward, and with the force of an iron ingot slammed right in to his chin. The impact, coupled with the unexpected nature of the attack and the male's underestimation of the more petite Elezen basically led to that single strike sending him wobbling, stumbling, and crashing with a heavy thud to the concrete street, head cracking back on the ground just hard enough to leave the man unconscious.


The Lalafel, meanwhile, had fallen off his larger friend's shoulder during the original strike, hitting the ground with an 'oomph!' and almost nearly being crushed by his toppling titan of a companion. He yelped, and almost immediately scrambled to his feet just as Vespaa was turning towards him, a rather malicious glint in her eyes as knuckles were cracked.


"When your big friend here wakes up," Vespaa started, as she slowly bent to one knee, that same sweet smile from before on her lips. "Tell him to be a little bit more respectful to the fine arts, will you, dear?" The Lalafel looked positively ready to scream in horror as one of her hands reached to him, but instead of punching him gave his sandy-haired mop of a head a gentle pat. At this point he simply let out a gasp, and fainted beside the Roegadyn.


Doing her best not to smirk too much, Vespaa headed back to the pile of parchments, and continued with her helping to spread the word about The Rosewood Company, that little scene bringing with it some new eyes, not to mention more business and interest in taking a parchment to read as well.



(Special thanks to Vespaa (real-life and FFXI friend) for letting me use her character for this bit of creative writing. Now no Ul'Dah-lian has an excuse not to know about this IC, either. :P )

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