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Into the Void.

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" Kanaria... "

The softly spoken name repeated in the restless night spent on the ground. The bundle of black leather robes curled up at the feet of the statue in Nald's Reflection. The emotionally exhausted Miqo'te. The ground around her was charred and marked from the dozens of fire spells she'd let fly over the few tormented hours she spent alone before finally collapsing. Tear stained skin barely showing beneath the black hat and mask.


Over the next few days the black leather robed Miqo'te could be seen traveling to all parts of Thanalan. Speaking to some and yelling at other as she continued her search for the 'Sand Moogle' that murdered her sister. Empire or no she'd find him and kill him, even if she ended up joining her sister in death.


" I seek a white haired Miqo'te that may or may not have been through here with a Hyur female. She'd have had white hair and lavender eyes. Anything you can tell me would be most helpful "


Tears welling up in her eyes every time she had to give the description of her late sister. Cringing and balling up her fists as visions of the tracks in the desert flashed through her mind. Every time she was reminded of that scene her resolve to complete her self appointed task of "returning the favor" was strengthened.


" Any information you may come across can be addressed to Second Lieutenant Belle and left with one of the Officers at the Flame's Hall in Ul'dah "


" If I must continue without my guiding light I'll take the one that snuffed out that bright burning flame into the void with me "


Her search continues within the city, Sleeping where she can but always dressed from head to toe in the black leather robes.



*NOTE* [ Related to the Story posted in Askier's thread. Responses are welcome but in game RP is Prefered to posting on the forums. I will try to keep things up to date here as progress is made.] *NOTE*

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Mid sun or later A female Miqo'te with white hair, green left eye and blue right eye, and a Hyur Female could be seen walking through Ul'dah headed toward the Sultana gate. The Miqo'te carried a package tucked under one arm and held the white haired and lavender eyed female by the hand as they passed through the gate and headed toward Scorpion Crossing then south west and out of sight of those at the small post just outside the city.

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