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Death Game Rp


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So I watched the start of Death note and I have always loved detective characters and life and death games in Anime. :3 I begun to wonder if it was possible to have a life and death game scenario in FFXIV. I think it would be really cool to do one. So I came up with this Idea and if anyone is interested or has any other ideas/suggestions please tell me :D


Here is the Idea!:


A Garlean research company desires to spy on Eorzean behavior in tight situations and their ability to cooperate through them so they can better understand them and use their weaknesses against them. In order to do this they capture people and implant bombs in them and the only way they are allowed to live is to survive a death game. Should the bomb even begin to be tampered with it will be set off and there can only be one victor. How does one with this game you ask?


To win the game you must identify the other participants. They will be marked with a number (In a place of their choosing) and all they need to do is figure out they are a participant, be able to see them, and know their name. Then when they look at them they say the Magic word "Acell"  and the bomb will go off (Not violent gore fest, but tearing up their insides and killing them instantly) after a certain period of time. If they guess wrong on if the person is a participant or they say their name wrong then after a certain amount of time their own bomb will go off. Making it high risk you can't say someones name unless you are ABSOLUTELY SURE it is them.


I expect anyone that plays this game to make a new character for it specifically (As putting your main character in that situation is probably not what many want to do) BUT should you have trust in your characters abilities or plan on possibly killing your character anyway, feel free to use your own character (A warning though, OOC people will know your characters name from the get go if you use your ONLY character, meanwhile if you make a new character or have multiple alt RP characters, you simply tell me which character you want to participate with and I am the only one who will know which of your characters is the participant, although by using a well known alt you still run the risk of people guessing. Meanwhile a new character could be totally inconspicuous.)


I will not participate in the game but watch from the sidelines as a member of this research organization, keeping things in line and even manually activating the bomb if things get to where the experiment itself is in danger. (Although I will be sure to inform you far before it gets to that point so you yourself can attempt to avoid it) 


The participants will not have any idea that they were ever captured. But they will know they are apart of the game and they will know how to win and what would cause them to lose. Although they are not sure how they know it, maybe they think one of the gods told them it or some shady organization kidnapped them. They do not know anything about the Garlean company directly. They can have backstories or their memory can simply be blank up until they woke up and knew they were in the game.


I will possibly do this even in multiple rounds, so after the first game is over and there is a victor (He/she will be let go and their memory wiped of the game upon winning, although others could still remember what happened, their time in the game will be lost like amnesia.) I may do another game exactly like it only with a few extra twists to change the data up a bit. So anyone that missed out on joining in the first game can join the next one.


What do yallz think? If you think it is a good Idea I will start taking applications to join. Just send me a private message if you want to participate. I will start the first game if I can get 4 subjects (at the least)

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It's an interesting idea and kind of reminds me of both Danganronpa and Virtue's Last Reward. I admit that I think some kind of death game rp would be fun depending on how it's implemented and carried out. I like the idea so I think you could count me in I think I'd be willing to make a new character just to try this idea out for fun.

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