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Echoes of Seraphim

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Greetings! We are a Free Company on Balmung currently looking to grow! We have been around since the start of ARR but only recently have we started to look to expand our ranks. We are interested in almost every aspect of the game: Roleplay, PVE, social events, group events/play, and even PVP. We'd like a good core group of players to enjoy all this game has to offer!


For the Roleplaying aspect of our guild, our current focus is on treasure hunting! We love to find precious treasure, and make money off it/collect it. Our IC recruitment is below:



Across the cities of Limsa Lominsa, Gridania and Ul'dah, those with an eye for detail might stumble across small but sturdy treasure chests hidden behind pillars, in bushes, and even on top of buildings. Upon opening these chests, your eyes would behold a mountain of precious gems and gold nuggets, but once you touch them they disappear before your very eyes and are replaced by a tightly wound scroll. Opening the scroll, the treasure chest shuts firmly and you are able to read the following message written in lovely calligraphy (despite the wording):



"Do ye seek treasure? Does the thought of findin' the lost gil of One Eyed Petyr make yer heart race? Are ye the type t'never give up 'til ye find what yor lookin' for? We have the place for ye! Send inquiry to Faustina Myrron, Limsa Lominsa, through Moogle Mail and follow the path t'yer dreams come true!"





Join us today and let's find treasure and make memories together!

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