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Area of Effect

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The following is faithfully posted in all the major cities, as well as Camp Drybone, Fallgourd Float, Aleport, and other, more far-flung outposts. Instructions for getting into contact with the company are included.0Wk9sqg.jpgOOC Stuff:Area of Effect is a friendly, laid-back, roleplaying Free Company on the Gilgamesh server. We're fairly new, but we recently purchased a house, already have several events in the works, and, most importantly, are excited to meet and RP with lots of people, new and old. Our focus, both in and out of character, is on open communication and collaboration, and on helping others enjoy the people and places of Eorzea at their own pace. We're bringing together like-minded individuals who want to do something good for a world in turmoil, and urge each member to think outside the individual and behave as a team, spreading acts of kindness, compassion and philanthropy to those in need.We realize there are lots of wonderful FC & LS options to choose from. We hope you'll choose ours! AoE might be a good fit for any of the following reasons::chocobo: You want to roleplay a real "good guy" character, who goes out and performs charitable acts and heroic deeds in his or her downtime, and you want to surround yourself with like-minded individuals.:cactuar: Your character has a shady past, but he or she is looking to turn over a new leaf, or just lay low for a while.:chocobo: You want a company that will help you with game content, but won't make you feel pressured to rush through it.:cactuar: You're new to roleplaying, and want to learn more about it.:chocobo: You're new to FFXIV, and you're looking for a community that will help you learn the ropes without making you feel embarrassed.:cactuar: You see membership in an FC as a fun way to socialize and enjoy the game, rather than a job or an obligation.:chocobo: You want to get in on a growing Free Company, and play an active role in leveling and building it, and shaping its future.:cactuar: You've got a character idea you've been wanting to try out, or a character that's been sidelined for a while, and want to give them a fresh start.:chocobo: Your own inscrutable reasons. How mysterious!Even if you think AoE isn't right for you, or you already have an FC commitment, we can still be buddies. Let us know how we can help make your event or RP a success. Our FC chat is OOC, but we have an IC linkshell, too. (Yeah, I know there are about a million of these things, but if you want to join ours, we'd be happy to have you!)Our company is called Area of Effect because we believe that everybody can make a greater impact on the world than they imagine. AoE is usually associated with damage, but it's our goal to make our impact a positive one. Whether as members, friends, or allies, I can't wait to see the stories we'll tell together, and to see what a difference each of us can make.[align=center]aoecrest_zps2c1812e2.png[/align]

Company Guidelines


Check out the 5 C's of AoE. Nobody is perfect' date=' and we're bound to make some mistakes along the way, but here are some goals and ideals we keep in mind. We think these are pretty good ideas. If you think so, too, why not consider joining us?

Be Considerate

Don't use hateful speech. Do work to create a safe space. This one seems like a no-brainer. Cursing here and there is fine. Using racist, sexist, homophobic, or other slurs? Not fine. But we also want to proactively make certain that people feel comfortable. We can start by not casually joking about rape or other abusive situations, but the best way to know if someone feels uncomfortable is to ask them. Whether in linkshell/FC chat or in one-on-one RP, it's not up to you to push someone's boundaries. It's up to you to respect them, and up to others to respect yours.


Be Compassionate


Don't tear each other down. Do build each other up. Don't rip on someone if they're having a bad dungeon run, or if they're roleplaying in a way you don't enjoy. Do offer suggestions and encouragement. If the situation becomes too frustrating for you, take a step back. You never know what another person is experiencing. They could be brand new to their class, or to roleplaying, or to the game in general. They could be sick, or just having a terrible day. Think about how frustrating it already is to disappoint someone in FFXIV, and how much worse it feels when they yell at you about it. Angry words aren't going to make anyone more receptive to your suggestions, but helping someone learn the ropes is an investment in a game that's more fun for everyone. And if someone was especially helpful to you, thank them for it, and let everyone know about your good experience!


Be Collaborative


Don't expect one person to call all the shots. Do work together to create a fun atmosphere for everyone. A Free Company isn't great because its members are wealthy or powerful, it's great because everyone in the FC has something to offer. That may be assisting with relics or dungeon runs, helping out with gear or materials, planning events, roleplaying and taking an active interest in someone else's story, or just being friendly and social in chat. No one person can provide all the answers or assistance, nor should they be expected to. We'll make the bulk of our plans and big decisions together, as a company. It's working together to build an enjoyable, shared experience that sets MMOs apart from most other video games.


Likewise, roleplaying is about you and your friends taking on roles in a story you're telling together. Many different backgrounds and personality types come together in an MMO, so it's sometimes helpful to talk out-of-character about what kind of story you'd like to tell. Never dictate another character's actions, or declare that you've dealt them a mortal wound. Remember that the person you're RPing with is just as excited about about his or her character's backstory, and just as eager to see their character do cool things, as you are about yours. Share the spotlight, and give everyone a chance to shine.


Be Communicative


None of these guidelines can work without communication. Talk to people. Take a moment to reflect, so you can be honest about your thoughts, feelings, and motivations. When someone else is talking, don't just wait for your turn to speak again. Really listen to them, and try to understand their point of view. Don't use your words to hurt people. It's completely possible to have a disagreement with someone and remain on amicable terms. When we treat each other with kindness, courtesy, and respect, we make it possible for everyone's needs to be met.


Brief Notes about Compassionate Communication - A good read, useful even outside the context of the game

Be Casual


Finally, remember: This is just a game. Let's never sacrifice our real-life relationships, obligations, and sanity, because this is a game we play to have fun. Do what you need to do to take care of yourself. If you need to take a break for awhile, we'll still be here when you get back. And we'll be happy to see you again.


AoE Crest

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AoE has been busy lately. We had a good showing at the event GOLD hosted at Camp Bronze Lake, and have done numerous IC dungeon runs. Tomorrow (July 18), we're hosting an event of our own, a potluck picnic in Ward 6 of Lavender Beds. Hang around afterwards to come check out our new house! Read more about the event here. 


See what else we've been up to in our gallery of screenshots!

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Area of Effect now has a comment box! You don't have to be a member of the Free Company to use it (but if you did join you'd get to be in the snazzy house we're roleplaying the comment box being inside of. *nudge, nudge*)


[align=center]But there are a few rules for usage![/align]




1) The comment box can be used for two things: In Character comments about, well, anything. And Out of Character comments, suggestions, complaints, etc. All In Character comments will show up on the main page. All of Out of Character comments will be viewed by our Mediators and no one else.


2) Please post anonymously!!: This is so that you can feel safe saying whatever you like. The people in AoE are a kind and not terribly suspicious lot anyway, but we understand that sometimes there are things you might be nervous saying face-to-face (screen to screen?). If you post anonymously, you can feel free to say what you like.  Also it's really funny if we don't know what character is saying what!


3) Denote In Character comments with [ IC ] and Out of Character comments with [ OOC ] so that we can tell if you are roleplaying or if it is a player comment. 


4) Please be polite.   Please, please, please, pretty please, please? If you are sending AoE an Out of Character comment/suggestion/criticism/love letter/court summons please try to be as clear as possible without resorting to hateful language. The mediators are more likely to feel inspired to make a change/deal with an issue/fall in love with you/pay the court fees if they don't feel entirely demoralized. Oh! And remember to add [ OOC ] to those! Thank you! 


5) Post anonymously!! It bears repeating because not only is repetition fun but repetition is fun and also it's very important that you post anonymously!



Please RP with us, stop by the house, run some in-character dungeons with us, chat with us in our FC chat about your favorite cartoons and slip us a goofy comment! ^_^


[align=center]Leave comments----> HERE <----[/align]



[align=center]Read IC comments ----> THERE <----[/align]



[align=center]This post brought to you by a hilariously awful picture of Xifang and Dovan.[/align]

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We've been happy to have a lot of new friends joining the FC these past few weeks, and we're looking forward to more chatting, leveling, and roleplaying fun ahead.


I'll take this opportunity to plug Saachi's FFXIV tumblr at http://crimson-thorns.tumblr.com/ 1) because it's fun and I like her and you should, too, and 2) because she's got some great group and solo pics of FC members on there. We did a big photo shoot the other day. Thanks to everyone who came out for that!


We're getting close to our second airship, too, if I'm not mistaken. Ship 1, the Healing Wind, has been exploring the skies for a month now! Stay tuned for more updates~

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