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A Delicate Package [Closed]

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Roen had put the file in Hornet's hand. Every hope was pinned to this and whether or not Crofte could do what she has promised. Hornet had been holding onto the file for hours after she left Roen's camp. Roen had told her what to do. Hornet stared at the file as she sat on a large flat stone on the outskirts of the Sagoli. The chatter of the Forgotten Springs miqo'te was behind her as she turned the file over in her hands. She wanted to read it, but that wasn't part of the deal. She had to honor Roen's wishes. She had to. But damned if it wasn't difficult. If Crofte failed, if something happened to Roen because of this, it would be Hornet's fault.


As the sun started to fall on the desert, Hornet swallowed her fear and reached out to Crofte via Moogle-Mail.


"Crofte. Forgotten Springs. Now.



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Coatleque stepped away from the Aetherite and took a moment to steady herself from the dizziness. Looking around she did not immediately see who she was looking for. The woman should have easily stood out in this place. Checking her gear just to be sure everything came with her (Aether travel always made her nervous like that), she headed for the inn first...

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Hornet was not in the inn, this much was immediately apparent. When Crofte arrived she was greeted by the smiling face of a young miqo'te lass clutching an empty serving tray.


"A room and a meal, miss?" She asks in a bright, peppy tone that would suggest that the waitstaff at this particular inn rely on tips from their patrons to help make ends meet.

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She flipped the girl a gil and replied "No, thank you Miss. I am merely here to meet someone. Perhaps you've seen her? A tall woman, Roegadyn, with white hair and a yellow mask."


The girl snatches the gil out of the air like an eft snagging a chigoe. "Miss Hornet you mean. I saw here out by the bathing pool, if you hurry you might catch her before she heads out into the desert."


The girl responds politely, but is clearly a touch annoyed that a Crofte is not a proper customer.


Meanwhile, Hornet is sitting on a large stone near the spring that gives Forgotten Springs it's name.

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Turning and leaving then, Coatleque found Obsidian Hornet sitting by the spring. She approached quietly, or rather, as quietly as a knight could while wearing chain and scales. She cleared her throat with a polite cough.


"Madam Hornet. I arrived quickly as I could. I assume you have something for me."

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Hornet doesn't turn to look. She holds the file in her hands, her eyes fixed on it as if she's afraid it might suddenly vanish into nothing.


"I have something, but it may not be for you. You spoke well enough for Roen to believe you and put her faith in you. And I want to honor her wishes but if something goes wrong..." She shakes her head. "I don't know how I could live with myself."


She gathers her knees under herself and stands, turning to face Crofte. "So now you need to convince me, Crofte. Convince me that you can do what you've said you can do. This file is knife held to Roen's throat and I can't hand it over without knowing that she will be safe with whoever holds it."

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She looked at the woman and could see the genuine fear behind her eyes. Straightening herself to attention, she folded her hands behind her and gave her a stern look.


"Madam Hornet, you have my word as a Sultansworn, as a Paladin, I shall do everything in my power to ensure no harm comes to Ser Roen Deneith. The contents of this file shall not leave my care at any time. They will be safe within my office at the Palace, under lock and guard. And if something should happen to compromise this information, I shall personally see it destroyed before any harm comes to bear.


In witness thereof, I shall go so far as to place my life in your hands. Should I fail in my duty, mine is forfeit to you."

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The oath and promise of a Sultansworn does not mean much to Hornet, but the offer of Crofte's life should she fail stirs Hornet into motion. She moves closer, looming over Crofte for a moment before reaching and and placing her hand on the back of Crofte's neck. Her grip is quite firm, but not quite enough to be painful.


"I don't want your life, Crofte, but I will take it. If you fail it would only lead to the destruction of two good people instead of one. Truly good people are so rare and the world needs every one of you to protect it." She leans down, placing her forehead against Crofte's. "You will succeed Crofte. For all of us, you have to."


She stands straight again, releasing her hold on Crofte's neck and thrusting the file against her chest. "Do it your way. Save my sister."

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Taking the file, she quickly thumbed through its contents. Removing a large leather skin from the pouch at her side, she quickly wrapped the file and tied it to keep it safe.


"You have my word, Madam Hornet.", she replied with a low bow.


Turning on her heels, she headed for the Aetherite.

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Hornet watched Crofte depart, then sat back down to watch the sunset over the desert. She was never a religious woman, but she prayed for Crofte. The paladin had to succeed. For Roen, and for Hornet. If Crofte tried to protect Roen and failed, Hornet would have to do it her way.

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