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Non-essential Info on BeastTribes

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So, as a kind of "Servers are down, Im Bored" project Im stating out the Beast Tribes (and the rest of the eorzean races) for D&D3.x/PF. Having a few small problems mostly with size and whether or not certain "creatures" that talk can be considered beast tribes or just intelligent animals.



They are large and described as hulking but how large are they exactly? Large enough to be considered size large or are they only so many Ilms above a max height male Roegadyn and still considered a Medium Race?


Mamool Ja:

I got nothing on these guys. At All. (they are really my biggest problem)



Are they small? They seem large enough to be medium but i dunno.


Spriggan & Bombs:

They can talk. Can we consider them beast tribes?

Bombs have a queen and she talks, seems decently intelligent (kinda she basically just sent her subjects to explode at you but that is what bombs do) Some can survive exploding with 0 problems.

Spriggans... well i know nothing about them other than the fact Tiggy can talk and he/she is cute as fuck. Kind of a dumb little booger though.


Im also making a Tempered Template.

1. Wisdom is usually seen as the sanity stat and/or the stat the best represents your mental health. Whenever mind takes a hit in some way you usually lose Wisdom. So should the tempered lose some wisdom as they lost their ability to basically think for themselves or more accurately are now fanatically devoted to their respective Primals where they were not before? Massive mental change and all that/more susceptible to the will of another.

2. Do they magically gain spells due to their connection to their primal or do they now devote themselves to the element their primal represents so they research/train more intently in that element?



Edit: Not sure if this in the right place, it seemed appropriate enough since i want mostly lore related info about the races. But at the same time its also not about the game cause its kinda about D&D.


Edit 2: Are the Giants considered a Beastman Tribe? They can talk and even have a caste system of sorts. Tonberrys too are giving me a little problem. Their Rancor, should it be a racial rage or some kind of point system they may/must unleash at a certain threshold of points for more dmg and so they will not be "overcome by the Rancor"?

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