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An unassuming journal hand-bound with sinew, and kept in a cover of dark leather. There aren't any locks, just a string to keep the cover closed. This journal can be stolen or found in RP, should it be misplaced or left behind, in which case I totally support snooping or adding your own entries. OOC comments are also welcome.


Currently in the possession of: P'ashara Pari



4th Sun

4th Astral Moon

It's the fifth day I've been in Ul'dah. I really didn't plan on staying this long but I kind of feel like it'll be awhile before I come back, and I wanna see what I can. Besides, I'm not exactly totally sure how to get to Gridania. Never been this far out, before.


Quickly discovered my gil doesn't go very far, here. Lucky for me there are lots of refugees around who are willing to trade things for other stuff, so a morning and afternoon of hunting netted me some practical currency and I managed to find a young pair who let me sleep in a corner of their shelter. Kind of cramped, even for me, but better than sleeping out in the open.


Tomorrow I'll go sniff around for some information on the route and the road.

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5th Sun

4th Astral Moon

I almost got scammed by someone today. I don't think I'm stupid but now I feel like I should probably use a healthy amount of skepticism in this city when strangers approach me. I guess it's part of learning? All it means to me is that the quicker I figure out how to get to where I'm going, the better. 


Some luck, though. A Hyur boy stepped in and prevented me from stupidly falling into that scam. His name is Lucas Rajan, and he is really bad at lying. Get this--he has this secret cache full of supplies like food and water and maps, and tells me he's not planning on going anywhere. I was like 'um, I know I almost got scammed but I'm not blind.'


I think he may be planning to head to Gridania as well, so maybe I'll stick around him awhile to see how he plans on doing it. Honestly I'm curious. There's so much stuff he plans to take with him! How do people travel like that? With that much stuff? I told him he didn't need it but he talks to me like I don't exactly know what I'm talking about. Yeah, like I didn't walk all the way here from the desert.

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6th Sun

4th Astral Moon

I've been following this Lucas guy around for a bit. I didn't really mean to, at first, but now I think it might be a good idea. He's set on taking this caravan to Gridania. I can't afford it, but I could follow it. They don't travel that fast, anyway. Certainly not as fast as the prey P'ktralan and me used to hunt. If I can follow a drake for four days, I'm pretty sure I can follow something as ungainly as a caravan.


We ended up at the Adventurer's Guild. Maybe he meant to pick up some advice, not sure. He was carrying around a clipboard. A clipboard, of all things. Seems more like a merchant than a traveler or an adventurer.


I roamed a bit--there were sure a lot of people there. I saw two other miqo'te and tried to talk to them, but neither of them paid me any attention. Good thing they are city-bound, cause out where I come from, that level of inattention is likely to get you killed and eaten by something sneakier than you. 


Luckily I did end up coming across someone who at least knew how to talk. He turned out to be a cleric named Ghalon... Ghalleon? Ghalleon, I think. Yeah, he was nice, and answered my questions. Even invited me and Lucas to sit with him a bit. He EVEN invited me to visit the Ossuary in Ul'dah, where he works or something? I don't know, never been there, but clerics are supposed to be pretty good people, so I might swing by before I leave town.


They have houses for baths, here. Bath houses. Ghalleon and Lucas told me a bit about them, probably because I stink like the road, though at least Ghalleon was polite about it. Lucas looked like his nose would fall clean off his face for scrunching it so much. And come on, it wasn't that bad... Can't help it that there's not exactly many water sources in the freaking desert, or available to the refugees outside Ul'dah. Anyway... I did go to one. Ghalleon fixed it up with his friend who owned the place, a Lalafell woman. She let me sneak a bath in just before closing, for free. It was pretty great, I admit.




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8th Sun

4th Astral Moon

Haven't seen Lucas in like two days. I'm a good hunter but it's hard to catch his smell in a city this big. I've been asking around about that caravan, but seems like they are always coming and going, and I'm not sure which one he's jumping on. Maybe I'll just forge on alone, but... okay, I don't like traveling alone! I don't think I've ever been alone, like, ever. I mean, with eleven sisters its basically impossible. 


I suppose I could follow any old caravan, but that kid did me a favor and I feel like I sort of owe him, even if he is sort of a brat. 


So, tonight, while looking around for him (only kind of, like... I hung around the Quicksand), I managed to meet a few folks. It's super strange to me that it's hard to meet people in a place where you are literally rubbing elbows with other people. I've lost count of how many times I've addressed someone and they flat out ignored me. Can't be how I smell, 'cause I took a bath. 


Anyroad... some tall guy named Rock, who introduced me to an equally tall lady named Destante. They seemed like good people, and Destante was all about my blue cosmetics. It's kind of a silly thing, but it's like my hallmark, you know? My sisters all wear a different color--just something fun and silly you share with siblings, when you're bored. Also useful for color coding your gear, especially when all your spears and bows are made by the same person, and all look alike. 


So, Rock was real helpful. I mean, he didn't know the answers to all my questions, but it was nice to meet someone talkative. He also introduced me to the barmaid, Aya. Was probably the most diverse group of folks I've ever talked to at once. So... maybe the city isn't all that bad, in some respects.


Not sure how much longer I'll be in Ul'dah. Don't know if I should find that Lucas guy and tag along behind his caravan, or just go on by myself. For now, I'll keep slinking around the city. Someday, P'uraka will wanna hear about it.


P.S. Saw another Seeker today. Didn't get a chance to talk, but she had a perfect tail. Ugh, and mine is like this big long noodle that flops around behind me, damn it. 

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9th Sun

4th Astral Moon

I've noticed there are a lot of unhappy people in this city.  I met one today, at the Quicksand. Keeping an eye out for Lucas, still... anyroad, she was miqo'te too, and seemed about as much as a fish out of water as someone could be. Like, even more than me. She said she came from the Shroud, so I guess she's probably a Keeper, but she wouldn't let me get a good look at her eyes, so I'm not sure. Said her name was Lexx. Or L'exx? 


At least she has a room, and apparently enough money to keep it. She's sitting prettier than a lot of other folks in Ul'dah. Said she was looking for somewhere to go, but seemed kind of timid when I asked her what skills she had. I think she'll probably stick around the city rather than go out for one of the desert tribes. All I know is that if she came all the way out here by herself, she's stronger than she thinks and will probably be fine. Hope she realizes that too!


I met a curious trio not too long after that. Another miqo'te (Tia, I'm sure), a super bold Lalafell guy, and a white mage girl. Stopped to ask them if they'd seen someone of Lucas' like and ended up in a conversation. Swear by the Twelve, that Lalafell's forwardness must be in opposite proportion to his height! Talking about my 'wild eyes' and 'chocolate orbs'???? That last one gave me a laugh, I admit. It was sort of hard to be offended cause the guy was so bold, but, like, kinda princely? Gallant, even. And fashionable. All in all it was an amusing gathering of traits in one person. He said his name, but damned if I can write it. Xa-something. Started with a Z or an X, I'm sure.


So, anyroad, he invited me to join his group or company or whatever. Not really sure how I feel about that, but it was a nice offer. Good to have something to fall back on if things don't go as planned. He introduced me to his friends, too--that white mage, a girl named Sorcha. And that miqo'te guy, named S'imba. Sorcha kind of reminds me of one of my sisters in her temperament. Quiet, sweet, seems like a caretaker. S'imba somehow has himself caged as an arena slave, I guess? 


Let me tell you, I'm glad whoever got him into that situation wasn't immediately present, or I might have replaced his or her eyeballs with arrow shafts. A collared miqo'te? Like, I could throw up. It's like ripping a wing off a bird or something. 

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11th Sun

4th Astral Moon

I've been outside the city a little, though not far. I figure that if I want to try some of what the city has to offer, I better earn a little money. That said, I do have some skills I can put to use, and spent the day hunting. Even camped out so I could check my traps during the night. I'm sure that Kayt and Geran enjoyed having their shelter to themselves for one night, as hospitable and kind as they've been. Even without me there, the refugee camps along the walls aren't really known for privacy, constructed out of found materials and such. A shelter's basically just a mat and some walls made out of woven grass or fabric, and just enough space to sleep.


In any case, I'm finally back in the city now. Had a nice fat bundle of peiste skins, teeth, and bones for the markets. Meat, too, but it didn't seem like it was a preferred commodity, so I left it for my hosts and their neighbors. Counting up my gil, I think I might have almost enough to rent an inn room for a night. Kinda luxurious, but I'd like to try it at least once before leaving!


Visited the Quicksand again tonight. I keep leaving one eye open for Lucas. At this point maybe it's silly, but I'm coming to terms with the fact that maybe I'm just no good on my own. Like, I've always had a tribe and a family. Always traveled and hunted with my sisters and aunts. I went from Sagolii to Ul'dah on my own, but something about heading into unfamiliar territory seems kinda lonely. Wish P'lassa was here, she'd tell me I'm dense and pinch me till we got into a scuffle, and I'd forget all about how I'm feeling.


Anyroad... I did believe I'd finally run across Lucas! From the back, anyway... tapped the guy's shoulder and when he turned around, it definitely wasn't who I was looking for. Oops! He was nice about it, though. We got to talking, me and this guy. Introduced himself as Borson and told me he was from Ishgard. Honestly, I could listen to him talk all day. If someone told me he was some kind of hero and also an author, I'd believe it. Never talked to someone so in command of his or her own words before. Was a pleasant hour or so, before I took off back for Kayt and Geran's shelter.

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13th Sun

4th Astral Moon

Ran across Borson again. I almost didn't recognize him! I guess he felt like a little change and had gotten his hair cut. He was all kitted up in armor as well, carrying that huge lance---halberd? of his. He told me he was preparing to head to La Noscea and after some conversation, asked if I'd like to share the road.


Was kind of tempted, I admit. I've heard stories that La Noscea is like a huge garden, and that there are so many farms that you can just see green grass for malms and malms. Also, I kind of like this guy. He seems able to take care of himself and I'm kind of curious about how he uses his weapon. I'm familiar with spears--used them frequently on hunts--but I suspect the methods I know are far and away different than how he fights.


But, again there's that caravan, and that kid, and Gridania. Would be a shame to give up on that just yet, so I declined. We did agree to exchange some knowledge next time we crossed paths--Sunseeker bow from me, and Ishgardian lance from him. Gave him a phial of P'nasha's basilisk poison. Hopefully he won't need it, but it's pretty handy to have.


Later that night I met up with Rock again. Bought me a drink and ended up giving me some gil. I'd saved enough up for a room for the night, and told him so, but he wanted to see to it I had a bed for more than one evening. Honestly, it's a luxury for me in the first place, but he was really generous and kind about it. He suggested I let Kayt and Geran have it for a night. I can't think of a better way to thank them for their hospitality.


He's an alright guy, that Rock Shattermountain.

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21st Sun

4th Astral Moon

Honestly I kind of thought that I wouldn't find that Lucas kid. I hate to admit it, but even though my senses are pretty sharp, the city is just so swamped that it's like almost impossible to track one person by sight, scent, or sound. If I were more familiar with this place and knew how stuff worked, I probably wouldn't have been so hopeless about it. But, none of that matters because I finally ran into him! And what's more, he hired me to act as his guard on his route to Gridania. This is more than I could hope for, so naturally I accepted. I even get to ride on the caravan instead of run alongside it.


I think he's got some more stuff to arrange before we head out, but I feel really at ease now. Plus, we ended up having a nice conversation. I tried to explain a bit why I'm out and about in the world, but it took him a bit to grasp it. I think he understand now, even though he doesn't want the same for himself. I hear a lot of men complaining about their mates in this city, but I get why. I can't imagine being tied to a person so constantly. With a tribe and a nunh, there's so much more freedom and time to do what you want, and everyone contributes. He said something, Lucas did... something about how he didn't want "a woman to tie him to the dinner table."


Sounds rough! I'm glad I don't have to worry about it.


Anyroad, I heard something strange the other night. Was talking to that tia, S'imba, and he told me he'd been mauled by a feral miqo'te. I asked myself what that meant? Animals are feral, not miqo'te. Even beastmen have order to what they do. I don't understand why he would say that. You might as well say you got attacked by a feral Lalafell. That miqo'te, whoever attacked him, isn't feral. He or she is just a menace, that's all. If a Hyur attacked someone, would we call him feral? Maybe I should catch this miqo'te and toss him or her to the guards. Seems like that's where they need to end up.


If anyone calls me feral, I'll be sure to educate them in a way that only a seasoned and trained huntress can. Bah!

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25th Sun

4th Astral Moon

My last day in Ul'dah. I said my goodbyes to Kayt and Geran. I couldn't believe it, but they gave me a gift. They've got less than me, and they gave me a gift. It was not much, just a bracelet of braided leather with a charm that bears Oschon's symbol, but I feel like I've been given a treasure. Geran told me that he and Kayt hoped it would bring me protection on my journeys. I still feel sort of touched by this gift, and am glad that I had the foresight to do a little hunting and leave them with enough to have a good meal for the next couple days. 


Soon, I'll be leaving with Lucas and his caravan. I'm not sure what it will be like. There will be other travelers, I'm sure. Also some guards, the caravan master, and the chocobo of course. I hear they can be fast, but a caravan is slow, like a tortoise. I tried to tell Lucas that he'd be better off to ditch all the things he's packed and travel with me on foot, light, but there was no convincing him. Oh well. I can always hop off and scout around if I get bored of riding.


I'm a little sad to be leaving. Or, maybe a little afraid? This will be the furthest I've traveled from home, I guess. And... well, I'll miss my family. I miss my sisters already.

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