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The Twin Serpent Fangs(Leviathan)


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[align=center]Recruitment Status: Open[/align]



Recruitment is open but we wish to get to know you first! Its very simple and all we ask is that you meet a few things.


  • Please be 18+ (true its hard to really verify this but we do ask that players be 18 and up for mature or very violent rps)
  • We accept all rpers but wish to keep it rich, and decent quality. If you are a new rper, don't be shy, but please let us know since most of us are serious rpers. We have no issues helping/ showing you the ropes.(We all were new rpers one time in our life)
  • Have a good sense of humor: So far I got a group of hilarious or laid back folks. We all believe Rping should be taken serious BUT can be all out hilarious too. There is one thing we rpers all have in common- To escape reality ...the rest of the rp reason?...Is up to the rper. Set that reality junk on the curb and relax!
  • TALK!: No really! Nothing kills the leader more then a silent hall! She can't stand it and will start bursting into song or some odd rhyming game. Save the crew grief from her boredom and just talk! Or expect when she screams DART FROG DAY....to get over loaded with dart frogs in your mail box. (Been warned)


The Twin Serpent Fangs at a glance:

  • Guild themed!(a member jokes we are a Benevolent Mafia): After a while of rp and mauling over the idea...our FC has become mainly Pirates and Relic/ Treasure hunters with a dash of strong mercenaries(and lots of dark smuggling/ counterfeiting). The idea is mainly a Fairy Tale and One Piece mix.(With dark tones) We are a guild that is to get along(regardless of alignment..or tolerate) and yet go about just living life and getting jobs. (Job boards/ SS rank jobs just for those that were promoted to it / past the trials,dark jobs are hidden from view).
    The Fang member will expect a IC (unless other wise) talk about what is expected of them as well handed a badge (the fc logo) and a IC pearl. AFTER a 1 week RL probation...IC the Fang will be 'STAMPED'/ Tattooed with the fang mark (the logo drawn here). Placed anywhere on their body as a 'buff' to their ability (its pretty much like fairy tale...just we don't have a sacred tree...we got a house buff...its only a minor tiny buff >>;). Just like in the anime/ manga...members leaving our FC will be saluted and wished on their way with honor..
    [align=center] "A Fang is strong on their own..but we are more efficient as a full set of fangs. Let us devour our enemy(or goal) as one."[/align]
  • Still new: We are R8 with a house but still.. give us time to become more active in forums (OK we are a bit shy) etc but we do have a nice mix of rp settings/ ideas.
  • Alignment: Good, and Grey ( Dark aligned talk to Suri. We aren't picky! There is a spot for everyone) Click on the code of conduct tab..to understand your part!
  • Laid back! We are probably the most mellowed out, goof offs ever. Though we do have serious, sometimes strong emotional rp.....most of the time we just run around messing with each other. 
  • Wishing to do IC treasure hunts, a few IC dungeons, willing to do IC fates, and IC crafting. Wanting to hopefully add IC hunts and anything else that comes to mind.
  • At this time members are 95% IC and are 75-85% involved with each other though wishing to increase this percentage to at least 90%


Have a FC you love but still wish to be with us in a way?:


I wish to branch and make a few FC alliances. Why leave a home you love? So if your just a tired adventure or even a villain escaping the law there will be a place and wish to create a rich rp story for all and each of our members.


If you wish to know more or want to contact an officer , please click on the tabs.



[align=center] About us in general - OOC Version [/align]


The Twin Serpent Fangs was created with like interests in mind. We wished to unite together as a guild to create a story for each and every individual. Along with this we also wished to tackle end content, dungeons, dailies, treasure hunting , pvp and anything the game has to offer together or at least with a partner. We are laid back and wish all to rather enjoy the game then feel it a job or chore.


Drama is not tolerated in the halls. The FC also runs with the idea that the 'players' help decide and input on how the FC will mold story wise and OOC wise(majority vote and if its a logical idea of course).  


The FC storyline is a combination of the founders rp stories mixing together and melding to create a free company, with a hint of a 'Fairy Tail(manga/anime) twist. We stick to the FF lore while delivering the atmosphere of creating a actual 'guild' with guild hall and job board(rped game). The story is still in its infancy and those joining early on will be part of the 'founding' of the twin serpent order.



Ranks are a major part of the guild and members will be able to rise up in the ranks in a variety of ways. If a member shows beyond promise, he or she may even be able to have their own custom rank with benefits (limited spots for this, please ask an officer for more info)



Where do you fit in?(you can only be in one rank though IC be in several)

Player achieving ranks are as follows:

  • Golden Storm - elites and the most trusted characters that serve under The Golden Fang (FC leader).
  • Azure Elites - Ground or Sea striker unit, as well as the most trusted to the Fang of Azure (2nd in command)
  • Red Shin-obi - Stealthed, silent Ops unit and information gathering (3rd in command)
  • SS-Class - Amazingly skilled or clever scholars and more! The prime of the litter(Maybe even head merchant)
  • S-Class - Strong, brave, clever or perhaps even successful in their chosen field (any, not just fighting)
  • Abled Hands - New members start here as regular warriors, merchants, pirates or heros wishing to be legends.



No one likes to read but there are some expectations and rules that everyone should abide by or at least try to.


[align=center]What we expect from you[/align]


  • Be friendly and helping. Please ..any issues that you can not settle on your own, let an officer know.
  • ZERO drama - There is a no drama policy. Though I know its not possible to really claim 100% we do strive hard to achieve it.
  • Be considerate. - Though we wish to create rich lore and story, we do try to recruit new rpers as well. We all started somewhere. Simply help this new person along as will the rest of us.
  • have FUN! - Yea yea! Everyone says this ..but if you find yourself grinding for 6 days straight with no sleep ..and your are feeling this game is your job. Relax a lil! Stop and have a RP pint with us for a spell! It will always be there for you to grind it again. Trust us.
  • Check the forum at least once a day.(Join it) - We know forums aren't for everyone But....it will be necessary for news AND your rp! How else will you get your rp job off the job board?! HUH?!
  • STOP BREAKIN' ME BAR! - Nothing ticks off the queen bee more then a bar fight that breaks her bar. Take it outside or expect her wrath. You were warned.


[align=center]Code of the Hero[/align]


“Heroes are made by the paths they choose, not the powers they are graced with.”



Its not all about slaying dragons, winning the girl (or boy) and getting an epic theme song with a rockin weapon! And have a bard sing about your tale wayyy beyond your life span (Ok maybe its part of it)..but rp wise there are still rules to live by.


  • Spontaneous rp is the greatest but before you chop off a limb....pm that person asking if its ok.(better to be safe)
  • DONT GODMODE!! Can't stress this enough! No one likes someone that believes he god!
  • In this game we are ALL chosen ones. Meaning, remember you are not the only hero with amazing powers. Everyone is. I know it doesn't make you feel 'special' but you are ...with your own unique powers.
  • When you engage a rp villain....DON'T rush in swords blazing and just think KILLLL THEMMM because though it seems like a great idea ...Villains will lose yes BUT they shouldn't really die unless the other player agrees to the mutilation and death (hello! Batman never killed Joker.) You NEED that villain to come back! Trust me! Beat them to a pulp but let them live.
  • Most of all....HAVE FUN! Your the hero but be mold-able. You never know what happens in rp! A good rp has a life of its own and even you won't know what comes next. When you hit that point you know you made a epic tale.



[align=center] Code of the Villain or Rogue[/align]



Megamind: Oh, you're a villain all right, just not a SUPER one!

Titan: Oh yeah? What's the difference?

Megamind: Presentation!



My fellow villains...remember this quote! Remember it REALLY well. It will differentiate you from the 'jerk who was just there causing trouble' AND become. "You!!!" -evil glare and shaky pointed finger-


  • Don't bother with WORLD DOMINATION! - No seriously...pick a smaller region, smaller goal, because as a villain it is smarter to create a issue for a certain group then it is trying a whole server to hate you. (don't scale world domination....Serious rp would require every damn rper out there to know what your up to)
  • Don't GODMODE! Villains are meant to lose. It can even be TAXING in RL on you. To make it easier ..I find grey characters give you OOC RL breathing room if you ever feel to depressed ..once you got that breather ..go back out and be a villain.
  • REMEMBER!! Your ACTIONS cause side effects. No really they do. They have consequences that will mark your character maybe forever!  You must deal with them and accept them. You can't go and kill a woman then expect her brother to be your best friend. THINK it all out and expect the side effects. So if ooc you want others to like you..mmm best just rob a airship or something.
  • Your a villain ...not a troll...there is a difference. Being a villain doesn't give you the right to be a OOC jerk. The internet doesn't 'protect you'. With the right software someone can pin point where you live if they were crazy enough. Just be considerate..really.
  • Don't go running around killing players unless they consented. Usually best to leave them near death wounds or at least a nice scar to remember you by.
  • Lastly. PRESENTATION, presentation, presentation!! No really...I don't mean flares, and epic entrances. I mean remember your goal! ....Pick a hero or group of heros and make them REMEMBER you! Give them something to loathe you for. Give them a reason to want you arrested, burned, maimed, dead. You want  a long relationship with these heros. You want to have almost personal ties with these people in a way. (Not hes my brother etc...though that can work) I mean think of villains in movies and comics that left amazing impressions. THAT is who you WANT to be...you want to be a legend! With feelings on extreme levels. There can't be heroes without YOU.



Recruiting Officers are as follows:


  • Surilian Blu - Free Company Master( The Golden Fang ) and Head RP coordinator
  • Liana Blu - FC Master's assistant (The Fang of Azure) RP assistant(Suri Alt/ dual character)
  • Sylvaintel Simler - (The Black Chef) connoisseur culinarian extraordinaire and Second in command.
  • Akama Kharn - (The Red Shadow) Third in command, Our tea lord.


Please contact one of these officers first or be in game after you submit your application.


To get the fastest response, it is usually best to message Surilian Blu either here in forums or in game or Liana Blu. Probably most officers might forward you to one of these ladies.

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Hope you all are enjoying the Moonfire festival! I know I did and so did the Fangs as we rped from morning to late night! I started alone in the morning, wandering and mingling with all the happy faces but wow when the group comes together we have a party!



Hope you lot had fun! And Enjoy the line we started xD(and probably all the IC hang overs in the morning!) The Fangs will probably be wandering about and rping this faire for a while (as well as other event/fates). Feel free to wave! We maybe rogues but friendly underneath.


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Welcome to our two newest members! Hope you enjoy your stay and hope to make alot of rp memories! As well soon our job board will be released to the public as a small 'unofficial' cutting ribbon of our new home.

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Been a while (I been so busy!) But ok I think its all calming (hopefully). We will be sitting down to rethink/ plan events for our members.(now that I have time! D: )


At this time I think we have all become comfy enough with each other for me to open our doors. 



other ideas coming soon!

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