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The Monster, The Tower (Closed/OOC Welcome)

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((Work in Progress for a story arc. Will possibly involve USH and some members of CLAN. Please PM me for additional details))







She ran, Gods she ran like she had never run before. The forest behind her sounded as if it was collapsing, trees shaking violently as birds flew from their nest. She had no time to stop and gawk or even think, she ran. It paid well to be a contact for Pyralis, hells it paid the bills and put her kids into a great school. The downside was...well...it was fucking dangerous. This massive Roe was chasing her and gave no hints of tiring or that he even needed air to breath behind all that massive plate. She didn't understand how something so massive and heavy could move as gracefully as a Miqo'te and as dangerous as a dragon.

An axe flew over her head and the tree burst into thousands of splinters. If that hit her...keep running, keep fucking running.



The shaking stopped and the trees stopped swaying. Finally had lost him. She hid behind a tree clutching her knees to her chest. Pyralis better pay her triple for this. She looked up and saw seven different men in robes standing over a cliff looking at her. She froze, they didn't look friendly, Gods they never were. She placed a hand to get lip and they nodded. Friendly, thank the Twelve. The Tower was already behind her...how? One swing of an axe and the tree was chopped in half. She crawled away in a panic. Begging the Gods or elements for help. The men in robes chanted and she froze in place unable to move. The Tower chuckled behind the mask and she heard the sounds of armor loosening. A disgusting deep voice spoke, "My turn."

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[align=center]Several Months Ago…[/align]



Blood was filling his armor. He knew the feeling, broken bones poking through his skin. But he couldn’t feel pain. Not anymore. He needed several healers to take care of him, if not his body would eventually shut down and he’d die. The thought of dying did not bother him though. It was the thought of not getting revenge. The bard and his two friends could not best him in combat. Instead they resorted to trickery and sent him out through that hole in the building. When he woke up, he felt shattered and knew that his femur and elbow were completely shattered. The fact that he was able to walk and limp through the shroud was incredible. He supposed it was the benefit of not being able to feel anything. He continued walking till he got to a village, the blood lust and anger was boiling in him. However before he could take it out on them, he passed out.


When the Tower awoke he was out of his armor and wrapped up in bandages. He felt ashamed as he was naked for the first time in a long time. The tower never removed his armor, he did everything in it. It was his home, his stronghold. Now the horrible flayed skin all over his body, the burns, the bruises, the pieces of missing muscle were on display for the world. He tried to scream in anger but felt too weak. How long had he been out? A Elezen female gasped as she saw him awake and ran to get aid. The Tower was angry, they’d pay for stripping him of his armor. They’d all pay. He closed his eyes and rested, he needed energy.


[align=center]Three Months Pass…[/align]


He opened his eyes and felt stronger this time. These stupid villagers had fed him, bathe him, and brought him back to full health.


The Elezen woman smiled and put a hand gently on his chest as if to comfort him, “Rest ser…you need not worry. You have clearly been through so much. Once you are fully healed, you may rise.”


The tower grinned wickedly and wrapped his massive hands around her neck. The woman’s eyes grew wide in fear, a fear that made his blood rise, the thrill of the hunt. He continued to squeeze till she was about to pass into the next life before letting her go. The Elezen held her throat and gasped for breath as she was on her knees. He grinned and got up off the bed. As he examined the room he spotted his home, his life, his treasure. The gleaming black armor.  He spoke in his voice that sounded of stones being smashed together, “Put my armor on me girl and I’ll let you live.” The Elezen woman recovering from the choking shivered and nodded. She would quickly put on his cruel black armor while he stayed perfectly still, contemplating what he was going to do. Never before had he been injured badly enough to be out of commission for so long. It was all their faults, that thought enraged him further.


When the woman was done he got up and put his helmet on.That anger, hatred, and violence was building up so fast. It was growing stronger by the second. He needed an outlet. He needed to feed the destruction and chaos. The Elezen woman cowered back as he turned to face her, “Y-y-you said you’d let me live.”


The tower chuckled behind his helmet and gripped his axe angrily, “I lied.”



As the hours passed he slaughtered that small town. Men, Women, Children, and even the animals were not spared. It was glorious to him, oh so glorious.

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Pyralis is training with the spear, following the moves that the old man is teaching him. He messes up, and the old man whacks him on the head. Pyralis frowns and rubs the back of his head, "I'm trying, okay..."


The old man cackles and shakes his head, "You try with your body, but you are disconnected from mind, soul, and heart. How can one conquer giants when one cannot conquer demons?"


Pyralis groans loudly and goes through the motions against as the old man circles around him, "The words, Pyralis. You speak them and say you want to uphold them but never do. Why?"


Pyralis ignores him and continues with his routine.


"You do not follow them because that would require changing, forgiving, and serving a greater good. You must put aside pride, anger, and your old ways if you wish to become a new man. You will lose her and them all if you continue through the destructive path."


Pyralis messes up and braces himself for a hit. The old man simply pats his back and looks to him sadly, "You will die Pyralis... You will die to him if you do not change. You seek help from many to deal with the evil Tower, but your whole is not in it."


Pyralis frowns and turns to look at the old man, "I feel like a darkness inside me will always prevent me from being who I want to be. I feel pulled towards it all the time. How..? How do I let go of that and move on?"


The old man pokes his head and chest, then places a palm on his heart, "By making sure these all work as one, and follow the words. It is never too late to become an unsung hero, child."


Pyralis smiles softly and leans on his staff, looking at the old man pensively.

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((After event))


The Tower walked back slowly through the frozen Tundra. Anger, hatred, and the desire to simply rip something apart were so strong right now. But the master had summoned him. A summon he wished he could ignore. But that power they had over him was too much to resist and fight. If only he could kill everything and watch it all burn to the ground. He almost had his way with that kitten but of course he was summoned.


As he continued walking he saw his master, the one who called him. The Elezen in the robe smiled and clapped his hands. He spoke in his accent, "Well done pet...we crippled them all today and flexed out might...the mages are drained and need time to rest. But I believe the message was received. We have the data we need...just need to get the bard and of course the green haired one."


The tower did not give a shit, he wanted to just reach out and pull the Elezen's jaw from his face. Why couldn't he?


The Elezen pulled out a jewel and the Tower begin to drift into that world he hated of nothingness and darkness. The Elezen chuckled, "Soon we'll have everything we need...rest pet. We could all use it."


The tower fell backwards into the snow with a loud thud and met the world of darkness head on.

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