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Looking for a Black Mage.

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I have neglected looking for people from within the community for reasons that don't make sense other than me being quite shy but right now I am in dire need of someone who roleplays as a Black Mage. I have been working in collaboration with a friend of mine in an rp in which my character discovered to be suffering from an extreme aether sickness in which her own energy cannot be channeled well and therefore is causing a cristaline invasion in her body, causing organs to start failing due to the foreign objects inside her. While my friend and I did advance a lot, we agreed it is not as interesting rping the role of outer characters as it would be to expand horizons and meeting others, according to the set up we have, a black mage with the spell aspir is needed to transfer the corrupting aether from my character to an unaspected crystal which is currently in her possesion. I feel like I may be asking too much but would love to at least meet other players other than those I talk to OOC in linkshells as well.

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