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London FanFest 2014 Meet-up

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Hi guys, 


I put this out on the Europa Linkshell on Balmung, and got a couple of responses, but I thought it would be cool to organize a meet up for those of us going. 


Whether it would be afterwards or partway through, or what form it would be I hadn't thought that far ahead, but I decided to put the idea up here for ideas as well as for people to put their name down if they were interested.



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I can go and would be able to stay with my London friend, but he himself wouldn't be able to go (doesn't play FFXIV or have any interest in it) and I really don't like going to places by myself (social anxiety.)


I'm waiting for word - possibly by next weekend - for my American friend to say whether or not he can come over and I would definitely go with him, and possibly meet-up with some of you.




..If.. I don't act like a penguin.. which is.. a very high possibility.

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