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LF Caster for Coil


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Hello everyone!


XI:7's raid static is looking to fill a spot in our weekly raids. We run every Saturday night at 6 PST. We're currently looking for a Caster. While we would prefer to bring a Summoner in, if we find a Black Mage we like it won't be a problem.


We're currently gearing up a few new people/role switches, so if you don't have a lot of gear that isn't a problem. We can help get you gear and teach you the fights, so if you haven't done any raiding but would like to, we are more than happy to bring you in.


Life happens and people can't make it to every single raid, but we are looking for someone who can regularly make it on the raid night. We also expect our raiders to gear out their class, learn their class, and be willing to learn and grow as we get into tougher fights. That being said, we're a bunch of RPers. We're not looking to burn through content super fast. We're relaxed, but we do want to progress.


If you are interested or have questions, feel free to post here, send me a PM, or get hold of me in-game. (Garryson Shipkeeper)

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