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Uh.... *Awkward turtleness go* Hi?

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Uh... Hi... I'm new and stuff, and I've been wanting to RP in FF14ARR for awhile now and have finally just found this site so... I'm very awkward turtle about this type of stuff, but I really like to RP and I can't wait to get started.


I have experience Rping and yeah, hit me up if you want to play anytime.


I'm part of the Greg server. (Gilgamesh if you don't know what I'm talking about)

Also, anyone know where I can put my info and stuff for my char....? I'm really confused.... :frustrated:

And, well Nice to meet everyone... Going to go hide now....


*covers face with sleeves*



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Welcome! Below I've pasted two links to help get you settled in here. The first being the character database of those here. Second is a good place to start with general information, LS & FC listings, lore help, etc.


The Character Wiki: (Second link in the primary nav bar at the top of the site)



Helpful Links: (Located in his sub-forum as a sticky post)



Don't let it overwhelm you - :] - Take it one step at a time and you'll be good to go. 


Also, the wiki for characters has some templates readily available. I'm sure others here can help you customize your page easily, me however, I'm not regularly coding.. Heh.

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Hey, sorry for the late reply, and welcome!   :D


So basically, what the best thing to do first is make a character wiki like previously stated above and you may make it in whatever format you wish. I personally copy and pasted my character wiki format from another guy, but that's a separate story.


Secondly, its good to establish a wiki as it will serve as a general information base for everything related to you're character, such as rumors, personal preference's, relationships with different groups and people, and so on.


When you're character sheet is up, feel free to ask for us to review it if you want. We don't mind reading.  ^_^

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