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Zodiac Bearers FC/Linkshell

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NOTE: The Zodiac Bearers is a dualistic FC/Linkshell that recruits people regardless of if they are apart of the FC or not. Note though that even if you join the RP but you're not part of the FC, you will not have any rank progression amongst the ranks of our order and you will remain a simple low rank soldier. We are also still trying to obtain an FC house. Donations are very welcome, regardless if it's gil or mat's.






As of late, many Roleplay FC's and Linkshell's strive for adventure or monster hunting or some such content. Very standard in my opinion, which is why I devised a new roleplay, one which incorporates story with Metagame content and vice verse.


The Zodiac Bearers are a special Sub-Division of the main Twin Adder army, tasked with claiming the Carteneau Flats from both of the other city state's.


The Division leadership is made up of mostly veteran soldiers and high ranking Twin Adder officer's but due to their unheard of forming and barely any accomplishments under their belt, many have not taken notice of them. However, the high ranking officer's that swell their ranks is sure to attract new potential members who transfer over from the main army.


The Division however, does not have any form of income from the Main Twin Adder army and as a result, members of the said division will be tasked in hunting down vicious monsters or obtaining natural resources to fund the Divisions effort's to build a base of operations and a solid combat division for which they can advance and claim the Carteneau Flats under the banner of the Twin Adder.


It is not unheard of for people to die during these battle's, despite the fact that violence is not required to win victorys here and it is especially not uncommon for people to be wounded during battle. Know that if you join, you will be risking both life and limb to advance the causes of the Twin Adder. (Note that standard RP death rules are applied here. Characters may not die without leave from the person the character is owned by, however, wound's may be obtained during warzone battle. Outside of that, standard permission rules apply to Character versus character fight scenes.)


That is not the only reason to fight though, many of the people who are part of the division fight for one reason or another. Some fight for their own selfish gain, others battle for glory and others fight to end the fighting and create peace. There are many different people here with different ideology's.


This though as a result has lead to a division amongst the leadership, with troops close to them taking side's amongst different officer's as they align either by ideal's or by their personal bonds of Camaraderie of friendship. On top, it looks as if nothing is going on but underneath it all if one big political battle for status and rank in the Twin Adder.


They will still come together to fight when duty calls though so they at least share a common cause.

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