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Bastion of Twelve's Trades Bazaar

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-Several posted signs can be found throughout each of the major cities, all containing similarly noted advertisements- 


"Greetings to one and all. The Bastion of Twelve cordially invite you to our trades bazaar, beginning at 20 bells on the 27th Sun of the 4th Astral Moon((this Sunday, 7/27 at 8 PM EST)). We will have a shouter located in each of the major cities near the grand aetheryte, and crafters available on hand for the purposes of assisting in the advancement of the realms many adventurers.


Those adventurers who are currently in the level of 1-30 range can come by and have whichever parts of their equipment are in most dire need of upgrade to be replaced with high quality crafted gear at no charge; Those who are of higher levels (31-49) can have gear made for as little as the cost of the materials if they so desire; and all levels can get free materia melds from our master crafters as well.


Lower level consumables such as food items will also be available free of charge to all for assisting in leveling, and while donations and tips will be taken none are required. If there are enough members of Bastion available, we will also be assisting lower level players in clearing duties that they are having any trouble with or struggling on."



((It is the hope of the Bastion that by providing these services we will serve our community better and further enrich our own members and membership as well. This is also a good opportunity for any who wish to interact or roleplay with us to get acquainted. We will be accepting applications as well during this time. You can visit our website at bxii.enjin.com , and you can always feel free to get in touch with any of our members in game as well. Please note that this service is meant to help people with their progression and not to provide free desynthesis materials. Thank you and we hope to see you on Balmung!))

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