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Soon-to-be transferred

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Hello everyone o/


So I was hoping to move my character (Scarlett Reed) from Odin to Balmung later in the day (I intend to wait for you North Americans to be asleep so that I can make my move 8D). Roleplaying is the sole reason why I wish to do so; I've hit level 50 some time ago, though some of the dungeons and raids are quite fun I've found the game a little dull ever since I finished the main quest: I often find myself having nothing to do as the queues take too long (I'm a DPS) and I am not into intensive crafting/gathering/grinding. My main concern would be latency problems as I am from Europe but apparently both EU and NA servers are hosted in Canada, so that shouldn't be too much of a problem.


I have some experience in roleplaying, as well as in the game, but not both combined x) It's going to be a new experience for me, and as of yet I'm not sure which type of RP I'm looking for but hopefully as I start RPing I will get more confident and will find a linkshell or a FC to my liking.


Have a nice day ^^ (or night, depends on your timezone)

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Well, welcome to Balmung when you show up. There's plenty of RP to find and I hope you find what you're looking for. Also, don't get discouraged by jerks, it happens. Plenty of people are willing to help. 


Hell give August Lansborough a buzz if you see him/me. I'd be more than happy to pester/rp with you. 


Rp is exactly why I joined this game and Balmung has no scarcity of it.

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Heya! I'm from the Netherlands, so I'm in CET. Shoot me a tell sometimes ^^


Oh concerning lag, both EU and NA servers are indeed in Canada. But you can fix latency caused by your PC. This shaves off several precious seconds in receiving data from the server.

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