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Tipping The Scale (Semi-Closed)

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((This is open to those directly involved. However, the knowledge of this particular event is known those who have recently been in and out of Limsa and if you are affiliated with The Maelstrom or the Yellow Jackets. If you are interested in tracking down this unknown assailant that is solely up to you.))



[align=center]"I've grown tired of waiting. They could be dead for all I know and the pearl has gone quiet for some time now. And I can't say sitting around the Night Blades has been anything less than entertaining. Ul'dah is so out of control now that the refugees could easily ban together and overthrow the government. I need a fresh start. Unfortunately, Gridania won't do--it's far too close to the HQ, they'd be on to me in no time. Limsa.... I vowed never to return again but suddenly I can hear the rain drops. Maybe this was Fate..." [/align]


Dressed in black lightweight armor and a mask, what appeared to be a female Miqo'te, exited the halls of the air ship landing. As she made her way through the Lower Decks of Limsa in the dead of night, the Yellow Jackets were making their usual rounds patrolling the courts. Though it couldn't be seen from behind her mask she wore a wide grin underneath it. She knew what she was about do and she knew what her new goal was. She simply....knew. As she stood close to a nearby railing, in the distance, she could see a heavily guarded boat assumed to be carrying supplies for the The Maelstrom. She gave her belt a gentle tap that housed a compact explosive device and a rather sharp dagger. She nodded and made her way through the marine city with the ship locked in her gaze. As she approached the loading dock to get a better view of the nearby patrols her mind began racing to carefully trying to calculate an escape plan. She lived for things like this..walking in the shadows heavily plotting her next move.


Once she had gotten a couple yalms closer, she noticed a gap in between one of the Yellow Jacket's view and where she stood. The Miqo'te decided it would be more discreet if she swam to the boat rather than simply approaching it on foot drawing far less attention. She quickly dove into the water making only a small splash. Swimming as swiftly as the fish in the water next to her, she quickly approached the large ship. Fortunately, the explosive device was unaffected by the water and was still able to be triggered. Once activated she'd have approximately 60 seconds to get as far away from the explosion as possible. she slowly popped her head out of the water, taking in a much needed breath, she then attached the explosive and activated it. In her mind, the clock began ticking, giving her 60 seconds to make it back to the docks and watch the fireworks from afar.


Once the deed was done and she had returned to the docks she had previously jumped off of, she heard an unfamiliar voice, "And what ye think yer wer doin' over yander by the shipment, lass?" the voice questioned, with a drawn weapon towards her head. It was the Yellow Jacket she saw before she dove into the water. She didn't speak she only remained silent and raised her hands in surrender as the tall Roegadyn pulled her out of the water. By this time the bomb had about 10 seconds left before detonating. "Oh ye must be the quiet type. Have et yer way, lass. Ye can rot in a cell fer tamperin' with the Maelstrom's supply cargo." he threatened. Just as he finished his statement, a loud explosion occurred that was so loud it echoed throughout the Lower Decks and startled him. He flinched at the loud noise, "What in Seven Hells?!" he howled as he fixated on direction of the explosion. Him taking his eyes off her for that split second was the perfect opportunity for her to catch the Roe off guard, the Miqo'te swiftly jumped onto the shoulders of the Roe and unlatched the dagger from her belt. She stuck the dagger deep into the side of his neck and blood squirted from the open wound like a geyser. With the sound of him choking on his own blood, she whispered into his ear in a low tone, "Sorry... I follow a no witness clause." as she drug the dagger from one side of his neck to the other slicing his throat open. The Yellow Jacket fell to the ground trying to stop the blood from seeping out of his neck to no avail. She turned and looked at the ship that was now emitting smoking and slowly sinking into water at the nearby loading dock. She tossed the knife into the sea next to them and removed her mask leaving it next to the Roegadyn's now dead body. The mask had a small etching on the inside that simply read "Fang". She gave the sinking ship one final look as an amused grin crept across her face before quickly escaping into the night with the sounds of alarms and men rushing to see what had just happened. She had done it.... To her the fun had just begun.

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