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ShadowFall (Open)

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(While this message is delievered via linkpearl it is completely open to interaction between other characters and or people who want to try and tack down my character since my character conveniently didn't secure his own Linkpearl signal therefore it is privy to being traced and this is of course if you wish to interact, I merely wish to convey a message yet have plans if others wish to interact with this hence the open tag)



(adding atmosphere)


It was a quiet day all throughout Eorzea or at the very least more peacful than the usual chaotic days that plague it. That soon would end though in a small cavern tucked away where even light cannot reach a lone figure stands in the middle of an incantation circle with three crystals pointed in the direction of each city, Gridania, Limsa Lominsa and Ul'Dah. After mumbling a few words to himself and using a rather strange device in his hands the crystals begin to glow and faintly hum, the result of this is that any and all public Linkpearls with very low security protocols were hacked and were privy to receiving a message from an unknown voice.


As many go about their day, those who have Linkpearls are suddenly bombarded by a series of noises and static as their Linkpearls are being hacked. However very soon the noise and static dies down, many believe it to be people some random occurrence and go on about their day, that is until they hear an unknown voice.


The voice is highly distorted and has slight menacing tone to it "People of Eorzea...no people of Hydaelyn the era we live in is failed one. I am not referring to the simple umbral and astral era's, I am referring to a more important era one that has plagued this world long enough with its incompetence and failure to remove threats when they arise. People of Hydaelyn I am referring to the era of light we all so foolishly live in, and make no mistake we are the fools for allowing such an era to remain for so long. History has shown multiple occurrences of the world on the brink of complete destruction but as history also shows, at the very last second many of these occurrences were avoided or subdued to a degree in which the world can repair its shattered self. This cycle of destruction and rebirth is all thanks to the Light you all covet so much, when the world is in great peril what does the light do? it struggles and does merely just enough to keep the world from falling apart, our calamity of 5 years ago can attest to that. I am sure many you still harbor scars from that day, while they are largely responsible you must not place all the blame on the garleans, The light itself failed protect its people in its most dire of moments yet by unknown means and chance destruction once again was averted but a state of rebuilding was necessary. I ask you all this how long before everything we know is truly obliterated and a new civilization rises from our ashes, how long will the cycle filled with destruction and rebirth will continue, How long must we rely on power that fails to keep the world in balance!. I will answer these question, never again will we be forced to face our own destruction, never again will the cycle start anew, never again you will have to rely on a power that is weak and shortsighted. The power that can truly save this world and keep it from falling out of balance is the Darkness, for too long the Light has remained in power and has inadvertently distorted the balance of the world making it privy to the cycles of destruction and chaos. When Darkness once again takes its hold on this world the scales will be once more balanced, when a threat arises we will be granted strength to remove that threat by any means. When we delve into the world of knowledge and advancement we will not be hindered by superficial fears, laws and even the natural beings of the world. When we seek the truth it will present itself to us and no longer hide behind the cryptic light. People of Hydaelyn if you see how much the light has failed you, if you see how much this world suffers due to the lights lack of involvement, if you wish for a world better than your own, then allow that darkness that you keep locked away within to break out. You will know longer be bound by light, you will be truly free you will be the ones chosen to safeguard our planet, I ask you people of Hydaelyn let us usher in the era of Dark the era of true freedom!."


The transmission cuts, whether or not any took this message seriously is anyone's guess but it is without a doubt to many that something is stirring and it will act with or without help.

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