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Hi everyone,

                 I have just got the game recently and since playing now for a week or 2 and already see how rping is going to be great on this game and i cant wait for it. How ever I have found that the two main servers (Gilgamesh and Balmung) that have rp in them are locked down to anyone trying to get in so i cant even join in with the Rping.


Since there is no real information out there about other rp servers that someone could go on until they open back up I thought i would ask the community has anyone having or had this problem and weather or not they have found some other server that people are going on?




hope to hear from you all soon ^^

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The servers open in waves to allow players to create new characters.


I've had the best luck making a character on Balmung in the late evening/early morning. So anywhere from say 11PM-9AM CST. 


I'm not sure about Gilgamesh's open times.

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The good news is that neither server is ccompletely closed to new characters. Both servers tend to be highly populated during "peak" times, so character creation is closed during those times to help mitigate server strain.T hey generally seem to open up early in the morning EST. That's the best advice I can give, as the overwhelming majority of roleplayers are on Balmung or Gilgamesh. Best of luck!

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I don't know about RP in other servers, but I've noticed that Balmung and Gilgamesh DO in fact open up, but you have to wait for the wee hours of the morning to actually get in. I'm in CST and I usually see the servers open (this is during the work week) at anywhere between 3am-7am. On the weekends, however, I don't think I've ever seen Balmung open.


Keep in mind though that the Restriction list for character creation will never reflect this. You kind of have to monitor it with the character creation screen going like you're trying to get it onto the server and just refresh around those hours if you can manage to be up for it.

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I believe I posted a response about the same problem on a different thread.


Really, its just server side issues, not player side. See, too many players on a single server means that server has to work hard to provide a quality and high quality experience at that to the gamers. So basically, more players mean more processing the server has to do and if the server has too work too hard then it can cause server instability or for the server to crash entirely.


Best way I found to get around this is by making a character on a different server then transferring it over to a new server via the moogle service. It cost me around 20$ for the transfer though but I love having my main on Balmund to RP with.

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