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Crystal Caravanners <<CC>>


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[align=center]Crystal Caravanners



[align=center]Within these pages are written many memories.[/align]


Caravans of adventurers traveling out in to the unknown; we are a Free Company focused on progression and raid content as well as roleplay. We don't believe being interested in one should exclude you from the other, and that roleplayers can be just as raid minded. Our founding static is currently on T9, and going forward we hope to recruit many others in to Second Coil statics.



Legend says the first Crystal Caravan consisted of adventurers setting out from their hope, searching for the mythical substance "Myrrh" to save their home. As they traveled so earnestly for adventure, many others began following their caravan sharing, not necessarily the hope for Myrrh, but the drive for adventure. Soon the original meaning of the caravans were lost, and nobody can be sure if those brave founders ever found what they were looking for, but today the Caravans consist of only the bravest and most earnest of adventurers.


Only recently transitioning from an ideal to an actual company, The Crystal Caravans are lead by Aether; a Lalafellen Scholar who serves as the chronicler. Recording the memories of the Company for all time in a tome. Caravans consist of eight adventurers each, all set out with their own goals and hopes and dreams.



[align=center]Why Join?[/align]


  • Get in on the ground floor of an FC with high ambitious, we're just forming but we plan to have a Medium or Large house very soon
  • Play with skilled players doing content. Be it Raiding, Running Primals, PVPing, or whatever else.
  • Regular Roleplay events and meetings in a setting that welcomes any adventuring minded character. A setting clearly influenced by Crystal Chronicles!
  • Community! Our goal is to recruit an ultimately small but close nit group. Not another large FC of nameless faces, but people who know and play together.

[align=center]Recruitment is: Open![/align]

Send a /tell to Aether Armetage, Saoirse Alimere, Harpuia Rivers, or Valsi Ayers to ask about joining, or simply submit an application through the in-game system! We are currently looking for skilled players ready to form our second static!


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