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Adventurer In Need [IC/OOC][Open]

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[align=center][Just wanted an adventure, something fun and exciting and maybe some treasure][/align]

[align=center][Thought some people would like to join in on some adventuring with me ^_^][/align]

[align=center][Please let me know if I'm breaking any rules or posting somewhere I shouldn't be][/align]

[align=center][Take the adventure anywhere you wish][/align]









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Koorow couldn't see a damned thing.


She raced her mount across the desert valley with two saddle bags stuffed on each side. She could barely see in front of her and behind her was only a cloud of sand. With it came a faint whistling, almost like the movement of wind through a ravine. With sharp cuts through the air, arrows slowly tagged their way behind her, narrowing her path ahead.


“Come on...Just a little further…”


She whipped like mad, forcing any little bit the creature had left out. She could feel them at on her back, or so it felt. As they shot from horseback, one arrow manages to cut through her armor causing her to turn back and glare as if the culprit could feel her gaze. She only needed to reach Zanr’ak territory, she could see the altar from the horizon. She would be safe there, yes just a bit more.




She grunted to boost her morale as the alter become more and more visible to her. Not soon enough, the sound of hooves thundering down the valley slowly started to recede. Yes, finally she felt relief, as if a grip around her throat was easing. As the pursuers forced their mounts to retreat, she raced forward and watched as the cloud behind her disappeared. Koorow could hear them shout and curse as they turned back. She grinned and suddenly remembers darkness.




A sharp pain strikes her body causing her to fly off her mount. Her body tumbles against the sand and slides to a halt. Her mount comes to a stop and gallops back towards her. She groans, turning into ball trying to deduce the pain. Was the arrow poisoned? Or did she simply get struck by a caster who felt as though she was too close to the gate? At any rate, all she knew was these ticking moments were hell.

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