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Project Valor (LS)

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Welcome! I'm Reena Quinn, and I've been on Balmung for several months, been playing since roughly 2.0 release on Gilgamesh prior and to seek RP, have since transferred.


So, you may be asking the obvious question.


(I do have an IC linkshell planned as well, but would like to collaborate with people before it is launched)





"What is Project Valor?"

Simply, Project Valor is a linkshell. A singular chat channel that I'm hoping to share with everyone.





"What is the linkshell's purpose?"

Project Valor's purpose is something I've had a vision for for some time, prior to my transfer.


RP in FFXIV seems to favor the Free Company scene. Each Company has their own interpretation of the lore and have a good idea of what setting they would like. However, that's limiting to the members within the Company. 


Project Valor is here to in hopes, create a bridge. I favor quality over quantity in RP which I feel the FC I choose usually brings, but I also love to meet and interact with new faces in and out of character.


So that's what this linkshell is. I hope to see stuff like plotting, lore discussions, and of course some sillyness. We can't forget that, but the focus is on creating quality RP that each participant can come away from with a smile. 


tl;dr, Building stories between FC's, with a heavy focus on quality over quantity. 





"Are there any rules?"


As much as I'd like to say there aren't and everyone gets along great, that would be a lie and I would be a horrible linkshell manager for saying that!


So, let's keep it simple.

1. Keep discussions civil

2. Be considerate when it comes to RP content

3. Have an open mind


That's basically it, these are expanded on below. 






1. Keep discussions civil! This includes the following:


Sexually explicit focused topics. (Jokes are fine, when the entire discussion focuses on irrelevant discussion of sex, it becomes an issue)

Extensive use of recruitment for things such as dungeons/trials/etc.

Anything that is being disruptive.


Basically, use common sense and keep in mind Project Valor's purpose. If you feel you need a linkshell for a different purpose such as discussions of different topics, feel free to create one!





2. Be considerate when it comes to RP content!


First and foremost, try to keep to the lore at all times! If you have questions or wish to discuss lore, feel free! 


Second, keep in mind other players may not wish to delve into what's commonly referred to as "dark" RP. It's often best to keep to a private group when going into topics In-Character that could horrify or otherwise set other players on edge, and within a public setting it's unclear how others will react. You also will most likely be representing your FC or group in some fashion or another, and keeping sensitive topics private would most likely be best. 


That being said, if you wish to form a private group with other members of the LS for "dark" RP, feel free. I'd advise it be separate in some form or another, though.


Third, keep in open communication with the players involved! Different FC's have different plots and different interpretations. Rather than try to fight that, seek common ground and let the RP flourish in the diversity, instead of die due to disagreements in small details. Often times, there can be an agreement reached as long as everyone discusses and puts effort toward moving past obstacles.





3. Have an open mind!


Project Valor is meant to be open to several different groups with different flavours of RP. You can pick and choose who you interact with, and if something doesn't quite tickle your fancy, keep in mind that it does to someone else and that they don't deserve to be put down for it.





"Who do I contact to join?"


My character's name is Reena Quinn, if I'm on and free, shoot me a tell!


Linkshell "Leader"s will have the task of aiding in moderation and recruitment, so feel free to go to them as well. I'll have a list below.


People to go to for invites:

Reena Quinn

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