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The wine ran red with blood

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(Just one of many things to come :evil: )


Wineport, a place of wine and luxury, so it is no surprise it is hosting a luxurious party for nobility. The weather is fair with signs of rain later on the rather quiet Limsan night yet something unsettling stirs within the darkness that surrounds wineport. A cloaked figure walks silently with in the darkness observing location making note of where the numerous guards are patrolling. The guards were no mere city guard but highly seasoned mercenaries, one could tell from their armor and way the carried themselves with their equipment that they were no strangers to combat and mayhap even war. It would be foolish for anyone to approach such a location with hostile intentions and yet this figure veiled within the darkness was indifferent to such a worry; once he determined a course of action he deftly began to make his approach to the building where the party was being held yet this itself was no small task.


The guards were placed in close proximity of each other and even if they were not there were sentinels in watching from a distance for every 4 guards insuring they were always aware of each other’s presence. Toss in the fact they were more than likely checking in frequently with each squad of guards and wineport you could say was more fortified than any prison on that night however the one weakness that could be exploited was now arriving. With a deafening sound thunder echoed throughout the land; what was supposed to be a small rain shower had suddenly begin a storm and mayhap even become a hurricane. Did the figure count on this? No he was prepared to make use of the small rain shower to quickly infiltrate the building yet this storm granted him far more leeway than he originally planned for. With the storm now underway he moved out from the confines of the darkness and approached the wineport and subsequently the building itself from the west where the security was more spread out but not by a large margin where just anyone could slip in.


Once making sure he had his weapons ready, one being a retractable lance and the other being 2 daggers the cloaked figure began was quickly within wineport but the final stretch to the building hosting the party was the challenge. Even if this was the best chance for access the guards perhaps due to the weather decided to stay closer together and kept each other in sight. This hindered the figure in no way though; the heavy downpour and frequent lightning flashes hindered their perception enough for him to weave through the tight security and into the building. Once inside the figure could hear the mindless banter and laughing associated with parties. He removed the daggers from his person and approached the main hall; the security was not as significant inside likely due to nobility arrogance of not wanting sellswords ruining the atmosphere. Once in front of the doors to the main hall he cracked the doors open to search for 5 individuals among the crowd.


The nobles the figure was searching for were a bit more special than the others in that they had the power to mobilize large armed forces; for the figure this was a problem that had to be removed for he had plans and having these nobles around would hinder the plans to a varying degree. During times of war it often becomes a game of gaining the favor of nobles with large military forces to gain the advantage; aside from the garlean threat are there any other wars occurring, a significant portion or perhaps all the populace would think not. In that sense they are foolish for they are and have been in the midst of a war longer than the garleans, they just fail to notice it and while they are oblivious to this fact the figure will remove all obstacles to insure victory.


He found the ones he needed to kill, he slid up the cloak on his left wrist a bit revealing a rather strange mechanical device with a crystal attached to it, after pressing a button he waited a moment before all the lighting fixtures in the hall as well as in the building powered by aether went dark. In an instant the entire building was cast in darkness, but only for a short moment and it was in this moment the figure struck; he quickly moved through the darkness and had his daggers snatch the life out of the 5 nobles. The figure did not have night vision but had an affinity with darkness which allowed him more freedom in the darkness. Before the lighting fixtures came back on he had already left the hall and was making his retreat.


Screams could be heard from the main hall as the guests no doubt were terrified of the corpses now present before them; as the figure made his way outside, the storm was still going but not as intensely as before, it was because of this 2 mercenaries were able to see and subsequently attack the figure. Without even losing his stride and before the mercenaries could even call out they had found an intruder the figure pulled out his retractable lance, tossed it and killed one mercenary causing the other to stop for the briefest of moments this insured his own demise; the figure had already closed the distance and swiftly removed his lance and from the corpse and thrusted it into the heart of the other mercenary. With both dead the figure continued to quickly remove himself from wineport.


Now back within the darkness that surrounded wineport he looks on as numerous people scream and run about as they let chaos and fear control their actions, with this he has completed his task but before he leaves the area he says something of a chant or prayer “May the dark embrace carry us to true freedom”.

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(Sorry I forgot to mention that the murders will become public knowledge of course who did it, the purpose and whereabouts are unknown as well as many other details your characters would not know anyway so feel free to talk about this event icly and or pass it around the rumor mill, like I said there will be more to come.)

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