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Gala Events?

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Hey everyone!


My fiance and I were talking about the few events we've gotten to attend on the Balmung server, but were also discussing the lack of Gala events! Both of us would host Gala events every two months on World of Warcraft and had a blast doing it.


My question to the community is, would you guys be interested in attending things like this if we hosted them? My Free Company is just three real life friends so I don't have much support there (my fiance and best friend will help of course!) because I usually find people to play NPCs like bartenders, caterers, and entertainers. We even had a theater troupe that would perform for attendants.


I also used a program called Plug.DJ to DJ live music where I even took requests a few days prior to compile lists to play AT the events.


And to top it off, I would hold date auctions where people could bid on characters to win a day of RP with them. It was done in an anonymous manner so that people couldn't cheat and make someone's value seem better than everyone or a FC (guild in that case) couldn't falsely inflate anyone's worth. It usually worked despite a few kinks with people cheating the first night (and disqualified forever after that.)


I generally make fliers for these events to give someone a visual to encourage attendance, but I want to see what you guys think. If I do one, it will likely be in October some time.


If you'd like to help with something like this (be an NPC or something similar!), I would love to have you. Just let me know! It is likely that my Free Company's entire basis, being a party ship in Costa, will also eventually host REAL parties there too, if there's interest.



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