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Issues With FFXIV Launcher

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So my launcher recently decided it wants to fuck with me. It won't open the game.


It'll let me open the Launcher application, log into my account, and give me the shiny green button to play the game, but if I click it, the Launcher quits itself and the game does not run.


So I deleted all SweetFX files from my folders. 


Did not help.


So I reset my computer.


Did not help.


So I'm re-installing FFXIV: ARR as I type this as a last ditch effort, as I assume whatever was wrong with the original files will be purged and replaced with fresh, fully functioning new ones. 


I hope.


I'll keep a log of how/when I deal with this problem so if anyone else is having the same issue, we can find out when it started happening and such.


  • 7:30 CST: Launcher refuses to run game. SweetFX removed. Computer restarted.
  • 8:00 CST: Still not running game. Uninstalled FFXIV. Reinstalling...
  • 10:22 CST: Finally finished. Ran game. 5006 error. Game crashed.
  • 10:33 CST Successfully ran game.

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