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LF> Active RPing Linkshell on Gilgamesh


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Hello everyone!


I'm an old time RPer from way way back earlier in my life but I have never done it on FFXIV. I am looking to get into the community on Gilgamesh.


I do already have an FC and a lot of non-RP friends but I would love some new friends who do RP to adventure with.


I'm incredibly active in the game and would be so as well in any community that would welcome me. I mostly play during the day as I work nights and am rarely on past 7 pm ( woo weekend 9:45 and i'm still up and not a pumpkin haha! )


I have checked out the Linkshells database on the Coalition but am left uncertain on who or what is actually active so I leave that to you. Direct a blind girl if you're so kind?


Thanks so much!


Edit: Also do feel free to contact me in-game!

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