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Hello! I am new to Gilgamesh and RP in general. I joined this server because I heard it was the unofficial non-legacy RP server and wanted to give it a try. So far I haven't found many people who are much of the role playing type and want to get more friends who I could go RP with. I am up for all types of RP and wanted to make some good friends to play the game! My play time is very mixed from days to nights depending!


Andrik Wolfe is the name, send me a friends request or a tell in game! :)

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You will find youre luck on Gilgamesh server for RP short in supply. Alot of the RP community there is very reclusive and tightly nit, due to the fact that there is friction between the regular players and RP players of the server.


Balmung tends to be much more open to RP. In fact, I would dare to say that 80% of the server is RP based. Really though, RP on Balmung is alot more open and anywhere you go on that server, there will be alot more open RP then on Gilgamesh.


I will say though that the RP community on Gilgamesh server tends to be much more developed and rich in content, so really its a quality versus quantity issue. Balmung has LOTS of RP while Gilgamesh has good RP, not that Balmung has bad RPers though, its just that Balmung has alot of RP's going on, so really Balmung has quality and quantity while Gilgamesh just has quality.

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Hopefully it's not too late! Gilgamesh needs more love.


Hmm, if I catch you around in game, I might be up for initiating some conversation! I'm not around as much due to some other MMO commitments, but I do try to keep some kind of regular "schedule" of sorts.

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You're never too late! I am always on (for the most part).

Whew. I just decided to follow your character page on Lodestone, but I suppose I might send an FR as well-- at some point today. Could be now, could be in the evening.


As for Kroemgarr, he's... hither and tither across the realm for whatever random reasons (training in martial disciplines and the like), but makes "home" in Ul'dah and the Goblet.

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