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Nocturne's Respite-Open Bar (Every Monday)

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[align=center]A word from Xifang Crimson, drinking and partying enthusiast:[/align]







*Sound of linkpearl buzzing to connect*



Xi: "Hey, hey! Is this thing on? Huh? That noise behind me? Eh, it's just Garleans doing that whole losing the war thing. They can wait. Actually, everything can wait. I have important news! You know Envisage the Night? No? Well, first, fix that. Then SECOND: go to their bar's grand opening with me. If it's successful it's going to be a weekly thing and, uh, if you don't like the idea of getting together once a week to play games, drink and hang out with fantastic people then something's as wrong with your head as with that Garlean jerk's that I just punched! Haha. A little pugilist humor there. Anyroad! I better see you there! I'm looking forward to winning a drinking competition and I can't very well do that if you don't come and drink with me..."



OK. So what is Xifang even talking about?



Envisage the Night is starting up a weekly open bar event every Monday (North American) evening. They're hoping to meet more members of the community and bring even more roleplay to Gilgamesh. Basically, come and meet other RPers and have a good time. Look at the calender entry for more info from Licia Kline about this event.




Sounds like my kinda thing. When is it?



It's every Monday night if you're in North America at 9 pm Eastern Standard Time. In fact, the first one starts THIS Monday (8/4/14). Here's a time converter for if you happen to be one of the many players not actually in North America. 



Time Converter



I got the time. But where does this even happen?



Nocturne's Respite. More specifically, it's located in the Goblet, Ward 3, Lot 8)



Ok. Great. I'll be there. But, uh, who are the hosts?



Envisage the Night, a roleplaying FC on the Gilgamesh server. Here's a link to their webpage for more information.


[align=left]Envisage the Night



And here's a link to the calendar entry.






And HERE's a link to Licia Kline's profile so you can ask her for more information!






"So. Come hang out with me! It's bad luck to stand up an attractive red head. Who's an attractive red head? Seriously? You're gonna say that to me? UGH. Just come, ok!?" *huff*





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