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Primal Punishing Adventurer Stirs Commotion

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Written by: Fousquenet Babeuf  On 8/2, the 3rd Brigade of Flames, accompanied by various third parties (adventurers, merchants, etc) were in their second day of defending an outpost from Amalj'aa raids with each successive wave fiercer than the last. It is no secret that the Immortal Flames are spread thin as it is, but losing this outpost was not an option. The Flames were pushed towards a crevasse during the final wave where the most unfortunate event happened: Amalj'aa called forth the Lord of Inferno: Ifrit.Our strong burning Flames hold no candle to this pyro-primal, a number of ours were thralled by the primal upon its summoning and laid down by their brothers. May Nald'thal's gates keep them. There stood, however, an adventurer among them that heeded the call to arms, staying off Ifrit's tempering and jumped into the fray alone. As the official, though redacted report says, and eye-witness reports state... the man, going by "JJ"*, proceeded to be locked in a heated battle with the fiery demigod as backup arrived to deal with the tempered and Amalj'aa surrounding.Reports claim that "JJ", a well-aged highlander, danced on hot embers with Ifrit toe-to-toe. The flames of power and endurance no doubt burned in his heart. Ferocious blows were exchanged between man and beast, "JJ" was disarmed but not without his own hands. One eye-witness stated vividly that "JJ" was in the clutches of Ifrit, only to free himself and take hold of the demon's horns, snapping them off and jabbing one into Ifrit's eye! The confrontation ended with a deviously delicately slowly placed canon blowing the primal back to whence the aether brought it. The Flames were naught to be outdone! Good job boys!The lone man, "JJ", was reported to be under recovery at the Headquarters of the Immortal Flames. There is no doubt that this man is not only a hero, but a crazy sod -- but suppose you need to be to jump into the pit with a primal.How much of the claims are true or bolstered propaganda may never be distinguished, but our boys and girls deserve a well-earned R&R!*The fighter's full name was redacted due to legal threats from the Flames, "JJ" is an adorable nickname for such a fighter, though!

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