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M'sato Tia

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I. Basic Info


  • Characters:M'sato Tia, Garret Wise
  • Primary character: M'sato Tia
  • Linkshells:No More Heroes, Victory By Any Means
  • Primary RP linkshell:No More Heroes

II. RP Style


  • Amount of RP (light, medium, heavy):
  • Views on RP combat and injuries:
    Injuries to be decided by the individual, and powergaming/metagaming to be met by immediately ending withdrawing from the roleplay and wishing all involved a good day.
  • Views on IC romance:
    I would have to trust the player greatly before the romance becoming serious for fear of weirdness going on. It's happened before.
  • Views on non-romantic RP (family ties, etc):
    With permission from the player in question. Entirely okay with weaving someone's history into that of one of my characters.
  • Views on lore:
    Hardcore on lore. You are not a White Mage or the Azure Dragoon and you are not half-Primal.
  • Views on chat functions (/say, /linkshell, etc):
    /Say and /em are in character, and linkshells are IC/OOC as designated. Shout always OOC.



III. Other Info



  • Country:USA
  • Timezone: Central
  • Contact info: Forum PMs welcome, as are in-game emails and tells to M'sato Tia


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Full Name: M'sato Tia

Titles or Nicknames: Sato (to those he feels especialy close to or are in his tribe)

Age: 25

Race: Miqo'te

Gender: M

Hair: Reddish-brown

Eyes: light blue

Height: 5'8.2" (I haven't, uh, managed to figured out Eorzian measurements, yet)

Weight: 164lbs

Notable Physical Features: Long, straight scar over right eye, occasionally seems to start and listen to or look at nothing.


Place of residence: Gridenia

Place of Birth: Southern Thanalan

Known Relatives: One of the M' Tribes of the Thanalen Desert. Sired by M'vhogh Nuhn (deceased) and M'ahran Gil (Alive).

Full and half sisters (in order):

-M'Sahrash Vhogh (16 months younger than Sato)

-M'Hari Vhogh (3 years younger)

-M'Kumi Vhogh (4 years younger)

-M'hora Kazsh (6 years younger)

-M'tamlyn Zharash (8 years younger)

-M'serim Zharash (8 years younger)

-M'yuki Zharash (9 years younger)


Religion/Philosophy: M'sato formerly worshipped both the Wanderer and the Warden. He has since parted ways with religion in a very angry manner.


Occupation: Adventurer, Night Blades Operative.


Free Company Rank: Member

Known Associates: Limsa Lominsa Arcanists' Guild, Gridanian Conjurer's Guild, loose affiliation with The Grim, the Night Blades

Known Nemesis: None


Special Skills: Talented short-order cook, especially when making extremely spicy dishes, Hearer.

Positive Personality Traits: Determined, hardworking, bright, caring, brave.

Negative Personality Traits: Paranoid, stubborn, slow to trust, impatient, vicious, brutal self-critic, jealous.


History Before the Grim Echo:


M'sato grew up along with the rest of his tribe, traveling a nomad's life between several different 'homes' consisting of a series of caves with abundant enough renewable resources. Traveling back and forth between these homes allowed for the game and flora to replenish enough to support the tribe for a time before they move on.


Childhood was kind to M'sato. An eager and avaricious learner, he quickly became a favorite of traders, storytellers, and teachers. Like all children of the tribe, he learned basic reading and writing, along with all the myriad skills needed for a hunter-getherer society that supplemented its bounty with gathered furs, pelts, fish, and the occasional rare samples of prettified wood and ore found only in the strange depths of the desert sands. In particular, M'sato displayed a keen talent for the hunt, with his sharp mind and Miqo'te coordination allowing him to make quick intuitive leaps that kept him always one step ahead of his prey.


And he eventually grew out of the odd phase in which he spoke to thin air, helped along by strict 'training' from his mother.


As time went by and M'sato grew, it was readily apparent that he was less a natural leader of other children than he was the sort to let his actions speak for him. While he was always ready to join a group and lend a hand, he was just as swift to stalk off on his own to play, hunt, or re-read one of the few books in the tribe's possession. If others followed, then they were welcome, but he was just as comfortable on his own.


By his early adolescence, there were already jokes amongst the elders about "Little M'sato Nuhn", a mild jest which implied that they saw him as a male who would grow up exceptional enough to be a father to the next generation. M'sato took it in good grace and tried to live up to the joking for the rather obvious reward: A chance at the act of reproduction.


Time went by, and M'sato witnessed other males his age make the challenge to existing Nuhns in their tribe. The far more experienced elders rebuffed their juniors time and time again, some even making sure there wouldn't be a second challenge. Choosing to bide his time amidst the now slightly mocking japes, "Little M'sato Nuhn" chose to train himself until he was ready.


Then the voices came.


(time skip, just because man this is getting long for one writing session)




Five years after surviving exile from his tribe, the voices rang ever louder in M'sato's ears and heart. The Thaumaturges of Ul'dah, the first group he could think of that could possibly help him, freely admitted that they were baffled by his condition and taught him nothing that would give him silence. Eventually, he left on friendly terms after a year of study that ultimately proved fruitless. His experience with the Conjurers of Stillglade Fane was informative, to an extent, and he progressed far more rapidly down their path of magic, but he was afraid to embrace their theory that he was, in fact, hearing the voices of of the elementals from which Conjury draws its power. The two schools of magic still left their mark on him, however, and left him still looking for a solution rather than laying down and dying.


After leaving Stillglade, M'sato finally made his way to Limsa Lominsa, where he spent the following two and a half years learning Arcanima. Its emphasis on study and strategy appealed to the hunter in M'sato, as did the reading lessons he pretended to hate even as a new world opened up in front of him. As he learned and practiced, there were even moments of total engrossment that he later realized were virtually indistinguishable from the silence in his mind before the voices came.


Research eventually led to studied action, and action only led to hints and snatches of potential leads that would all too often end in nonsense. M'sato was, after all, only one person wading through a sea of information both modern and ancient. Not only that, but limited resources meant he wasn't always able to get hold of research materials in an entirely legal manner.


History In The Grim Echo and After:


Initially intrigued by the rumors of a group of self-avowed nihilists aiming to create a solution to the looming string of crises threatening their world, M'sato began seeking out The Grim, asking in taverns and guilds in hope of garnering more facts before making contact.


He received a letter within the week inviting him to a dying market in Thanalen, then met The Grim in person.


His activity with the Grim was minimal at best, and often his poisonous attitude left him more harm than good, but his time there did earn him a number of new and interesting stories, new acquaintances, and even a highly complicated romantic entanglement with one of the Grim's allies, Armi Alliando.


During this time, M'sato also finally was able to be convinced that he was a Hearer. He began meditations under Armi's guidance, despite her only having theoretical knowledge. It was also around this time that he discovered a number of tablets in the ruins of Nym, one of which was occupied by his new partner: A fairy he's nicknamed Flutterbutt. The two are rarely separated, and much of M'sato's free time has gone into researching rubbings made of the tablets and trying to decipher the spells contained therein.


As time went by, however, M'sato spent more and more of his efforts on the behalf of Armi's own Company, the Night Blades, and he eventually changed out, leaving the Grim and joining the Blades full-time.


The Night Blades have actively encouraged M'sato's training as a Hearer since the Company moved to Gridania, and he has come under the tutelage of Liadan Summerfield, a trained Hearer and skilled Hearer in her own right. They fight like cats and dogs, and he's actually beginning to get attached.

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