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M'sato's Sisters Per Request

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I've had three people now ask me to post information on M'sato Tia's younger sisters as potential alts. For these people, I hereby do post this thread. If someone DOES decide to roll up an alt of one of his siblings, I'd hope that they get my permission first and we have a talk about whether or not they want to alter any of the info listed (which is entirely okay).


A lot of base info on M'sato can be found here.


Quicknotes on the parents: The shared mother is a Master Manipulator and was emotionally abusive to many, if not all, of her children. M'sato's father died when M'kumi was a year old, and was known for being wily and better at fighting men than animals. The father of M'karan, M'tamelyn, M'serim, and M'ieris also is well-known for his Spear prowess, but rather than being known for guile he has a reputation towards being patient and wise.


The end road and important thing is that he was exiled from the tribe in disgrace after attacking a nunh without making a formal challenge, which is basically attempted murder, as well as having been thought of as a threat due to what they believed at the time was insanity.


M'sato was exiled just prior to the Battle at Carteneau. In all that time, he's upheld the tribe's laws and never once even looked for the M tribe.


His siblings are as follows:


M'sera Vhogh (Age 24)

-A consumate flirt, Sera is a bri ght woman who greatly enjoys toying with men and women to see them jump. Her favorite subjects for a long time were her siblings, but in time she moved on to others outside the family. Has a mean and slightly cruel streak, but reins herself in from doing anything truly horrible. Enjoys drinking. A skilled pugilist who pretends to be weak right up until it's time to break someone's sternum.


M'Hari Vhogh (Age 22)

-Wants to be a mother. Is an adept archer and maker of medicines. M'sato's reputation has tarnished hers by association, and she tries to overcome it by proving her own worth through dilligence. Hates Sato more than any other member of his family, but was closest to him when they were children. Is the most like M'sato, deep down.


M'Kumi Vhogh (Age 21)

-Last of M'sato's full sisters, Kumi was the baby for four years, and came away from it a bit spoiled. She prefers to talk problems through rather than argue, but her temper runs hottest when she tries to keep the peace and is ignored, resulting in outbursts that will cower most anyone if they know what's good for them. A Conjurer who makes extra money working with Hari creating medicine.


M'Karan Zharash (Age 17)

-A devotee of the Spear, like her father, Karan is young (17) and largely obsessed with learning fighting arts. Barely tall enough to start when M'sato left, Karan is now a popular hunter and could be a social power if she cared to try. Twin of Tamelyn. Doesn't care anything for M'sato one way or the other, and has largely escaped the shadow he cast over her family due to her being a half-sibling.


M'tamelyn Zharash (Age 17)

-Somewhat meek compared to her twin, Tamelyn is shaping into an expert craftswoman. Is easily cowed by the stronger personalities of her sisters and mother, and dreams of starting over away from the tribe in a new city like M'wanthala, who she looks up to like a hero. Wants to reinvent herself to be as strong as all the others. Twin to Karan. Thinks M'sato is an embarrassment, but has largely escaped his shadow due to being his half-sister rather than a full-blooded one.


M'serim Zharash (Age 16)

-Idolizes Sera and wishes to be just like her, much to Sera's delight. Serim is still building up her confidence, with plenty of encouragement from her family. Is also learning how to fight with her fists under Sera's tutelage.


M'ieris Zharash (Age 15)

-Eris is very hot-blooded, and looks up to Hari. Like many of the others, she works in the family herb-trade.


If you feel like discussing this, feel free to do so here or by shooting me a forum PM. No rules on who can or cannot apply.

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