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Decision has been made

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The class to RP my character Miranda as...it was a very, very difficult decision.


Just as a reminder, the most defining traits of my character are:


-Strongly disagrees with tough love. Believes respect is not something that should have to be earned. Bitter and angry at many of the townsfolk for treating her like dirt just because she is an Adventurer.

-Peaceful by nature. Isn't exactly opposed to fighting in of itself, but very much hates the chauvinistic side of war. Not well suited to joining a Grand Company for these reasons.

-Shows much greater skill and interest in magic than physical fighting.

-Prefers to be alone, but can work with others if the situation calls for it.


Several people I asked believed the best class would be Arcanist. But after much thought, I have reached a decision. Miranda's class is...




As far as the class stereotypes go, I actually think that Miranda has many traits that are commonly seen in THMs and BLMs in the series alike - strong introversion, introspective, a certain degree of underlying bitterness, independent-minded.


For me, what I ultimately had to do to decide on a class was to ask myself, "Why does my character Adventure? What is worth fighting for in her eyes?" Some people do it as a way to make money, others for glory, thrill, and many other reasons, but for my character, deep down, she is self-conscious - that is, she cares what everyone thinks of her.


Thus, along with the fact that she would rather fight for peace rather than personal glory or fortune, she really has a deep need to be respected for what she does and who she is, which, unfortunately, is what leads to said resentment and cynicism over a good portion of the story.


There are several major Conjurer NPCs in the storyline that display these key traits as well. For example, Kan-E-Senna is shown to strongly disagree with the Elezen's bigotry, believing that Adventurers are the salve Gridania needs. And Y'shtola calls out the people in the Titan storyline for using your character as a rug, and then there's the Conjurer adventurer you meet after Deepcroft who nearly gives up on her career after the tragic incident of letting the Tank die and losing the respect of her friends.


And the other thing I had to bear in mind is this: At the start of her Adventuring career, what did Miranda know about what it was like to be any of the Disciplines of Magic? She'd barely spent any time in Eorzea, she didn't know the various Guildmasters, the most hardened Elezen, the "experience", shall we say, all she knew was that Conjurers apparently worked to maintain peace and balance, Thaumaturges were evidently the darkest & most aggressive of the three, and Arcanima was an entirely new branch of magic that somehow involved shaping aether through geometry. Miranda decided that she preferred channeling elemental powers through willpower rather than formulaic maths, and she just didn't want to live in a city controlled by money or join a guild that had a "bad reputation", whatever that entailed...thus, she became a Conjurer.


I'll write a more detailed biography on her later, but for now that's my decision on the class.

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