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Raid on Red Rooster (Open. IC Only.)

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((Note that this is an RP session that is going to be used to test the interactions between two characters, Chika Ito and Inessa Hara. Other characters are allowed to join.))


Location: Red Rooster Farm, Lower La Noscea.

Weather: Overcast (cloudy)

Time of the Day: Early evening.







The wind was blowing hard today and not far off in the distance were storm clouds. I was making my way through La Noscea yet again, as per request of the Maelstrom, who were keeping the guards off my back so long as I took care of unwanted groups and individuals. These people though were cutthroats and brigands. It didn't matter if they did or did not want to help me, all I wanted to do was cut down every pirate I saw, everyone in the Maelstrom and Limsa Lominsa being no exception.


I was riding pass Red Rooster Farm on my Chocobo, Garrus, at a slow steady pace. I was in no hurry to get to my destination, considering that the guards didn't pay much attention to me. I was a wanted woman after all. The murder/violent maiming of thirty criminals, five merchants from Ul'dalh and three yellow jacket guards left my bounty at about thirty thousand gil total if brought in dead or alive. I had to keep my face hidden with a mask lest people noticed me.


I looked up into the sky. "The rain is coming..." I muttered to myself as I just sat there, gazing up into the sky. I felt that today was going to be another of Intense bloodshed as always whenever I ventured out of the Shroud. Assassins and brigands mostly assaulted me away from the protection of the Twin Adder and my men who I led, but none were remotely successful. They were all weak, too easy to kill and were simply cannon fooder. At times, I craved the challenge of a strong opponent, when which I could feel the rush of death as it brushed against me. The possibility and chance of my mortality being extinguished was the thing that made me feel the most alive above all other things. Some would call me a war monger for this ideal, and that is partially true, but I did not seek battle out. That would make me no better than the foe's that came to kill me for helping others.

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On the back porch, attached to the small business based out of a cozy home near the sea, a lone figure stands. In the air I can almost taste the static of gathering electricity. Irises composed of red wine stare at the storm clouds that build in the distant horizon. Left fingers curl around the handle of a mug, while right ones clench the front. From the mug steam rises, the vapor twirling into the air. Contently I sips on the black coffee inside of the mug. In the coming winds of the storm ebony tendrils ruffle, and jostle. Velvet lips purse together in a grimace. "More rain..." Words sigh out. Thankfully it is still summer, and brides still need dresses. It should keep me busy for the next few hours until I close up shop. 


Turning on my heels small, casual, steps bring me inside of the little house. Padding across the room, bare feet pressing against the cool wooden floor, I don't stop my venture until I arrive in the office. Easing myself onto the stool at the draft table I place my mug off to my right. Slipping on spectacles everything appears more clear. Dark ears swivel about my head as sensitive ear drums pick up on the howling of the wind outside. A truly comforting sound to draw to. 


Bending over the drafting table, lead pencil in hand, the tip glides over the parchment. Drawing elegant lines I start the process of planning a dress for a new customer. My mind ventures off to the grand plans for how I can shape, and mold, the fabric. What materials I could use. Even the pigments. I'm so absorbed in my thoughts I almost do not hear the breaking of glass coming from the kitchen door. Reaching over to take my mug I coolly sit there, calm, and acting oblivious to the fact someone has entered my business uninvited.


There are several pairs of boots shifting across the tiled floor, and transitioning onto wood panels. Seriously? This will make the second time. Once before two men tried robbing my shop, endangering my newborn in the process. One of the men I beat his face in so horribly it caved in his skull. His partner in crime wasn't so lucky. In fact in the basement beneath my very feet he had been tortured to death. My statement, my personal flare, of saying if you put my offspring or loved ones in harms way you won't like the consequences that come hand in hand with your actions. 


I pick up on the breathing behind me. At first I don't move, I just let whoever it is think they have the upper hand. Rather quick I spin around on the stool, and fling the contents of the mug upward, and praying the scalding hot liquid lands in someone's face. Picking up the metal stool I aim to smash it over the head of another, hoping that it is a success.

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My ear's twitch, picking up the sound of distant battle emerging over the noise from blowing wind. It was coming from Red Rooster farm. I pull up on Garrus reigns, directing him to turn around and charge back as I snapped the reign's forward. "EYAAAAA!!!" I shouted as if to encourage Garrus to move quickly.


It would only be under a minute before I arrive and make it to the scene of battle. "Was it brigand's?" I thought to myself, wondering how they sneaked past me and into the village, but it most likely just petty thieves since I would have noticed a large group coming into or near the town. Part of me wanted to think this was Yet again, another boring battle, but the other was shouting that this may have been a trap, a way to lure me in so a larger group could sneak up and ambush me. I pushed my thought aside though and focused on the fight at hand, as I was about to arrive at the place where the sound's of battle could be heard.

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His screech pierces the study as the scalding coffee starts to burn his flesh and eyes. The man scrambles backward, and away from me, desperately trying to rub his face clean of the liquid that is burning so horribly. Serves him right. My thoughts are bitter as I see him stumbling backward. His boot catches the rug, the thick fabric bunching up, making him fall onto his back. No longer is my focus on that intruder, for another is coming after my. With my left foot I hook it around the foot rest of the metal bar stool. Flipping it upward nimble hands catch onto the legs. I swing my torso and arms to the right rather quick, aiming to deliver a heavy blow to the side of the attacker's face.


Success is rather short lived. My attack lands directly against the right side of his face, and to accompany the blow is the sickening cracking of bones fracturing. Two Hyur men down. Wild red wine irises flick up to the door leading to the kitchen, and the next trespasser is a Roe ducking through the entryway that is too short and small for him. One word travels through my mind. Fuck! I am able to take down others in combat, but not something that is over three times my size, and weight.


I toss the stool at him, but one of his arms that are thick with muscles (which I can only assume at first glance are made of marble with how strong they appear to be), deflects it with ease. Knocking it out of his way like some discarded child's door. Offering a nervous smile, and an anxious laugh, I turn and dash to the door leading out into the foyer of the house. Maybe I can escape him some how.


No, all the no. As soon as I reach the door I feel a boot clad foot 'lightly' hook around my ankle. That is all it takes to upset my balance, and I can feel the world fall out from beneath my feet. Hitting the floor with a thud my mind isn't on the brief pain that washes over me. Instead I try focusing on escaping. Recovering on my knees, and hands, I try to shove myself upright. He is relentless to punish me apparently. Bending over the man grabs onto the sides of my hip, hoisting me with such ease. My fingernails scrape and scratch at the foyer's rug as I desperately try to anchor myself to the ground. Sadly it is of no use.


My heart leaps in my throat as I am thrown aside with little regard. I collide with a wooden table in the center of the foyer. It tips over, and I go with it. If it had not been for that table I might have gone through the plate glass door. An intense ache has started to radiate in my left rib cage, where my body connected with the table. Focusing on a plan of action is difficult for my mind is rather clouded with how hard breathing is. I gasp with each breath I take. It'd been a while since I last had a broken bone, so I have grown sensitive to the raging agony it brings. Fiercely I clutch onto my left side. Feet push viciously at the ground, and I scoot backward on my rear trying to get away from him. As he charges at me, however, I duck and roll to the side.


A great crash can be heard from the cozy shop as the Roe plows through the sliding glass door. His screams of pain following soon after.

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As I rushed towards the sound of fighting, I saw a Roe fly outside the doorway of a shop, Injuring himself in the process. I drew my weapon and gave him little time to recover because as soon as he managed to regain his sense of surroundings, I was already upon him and with a swing of my halberd, I nearly cleaved the giant opponent in half, with blood flying everywhere and his organs strewn out before him. He flew backwards, and did not proceed to get up after he fell to the ground.


I dismounted, slowly creeping into the shop to see if any enemy's remaining, with my weapon in both hands. cautious I was in my approach, as I checked the corners during the approach. I then noticed a Miqo'te woman wounded in the corner of the shop, with my spear at her, I yell "Friend or Foe?".


I could hear the sound of guards coming. Clearly they were alerted to the fighting, and a misunderstanding could easily provoke more bloodshed, not that I cared but it would have been troublesome to have a higher bounty on my head.

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I have only enough time to glance over my shoulder to see the Roe trying to recover before his body is cleaved in half. Blood and entrails splatter over the wooden porch beneath him, and all I can think is how much effort it will be to clean up. Whatever, whoever, did it was rather swift. But I can see the figure now stepping closer to the shop, halberd in hand, crimson fluid painting the weapon. 


Fight or flight is the urge that burns in my veins. With fractured ribs I doubt it'd be much of a fight. Without my bow and quiver, or bone fists, all I have is my battered body. Much good fists will do against a Dragoon. Sitting up to press my back against the wall, the person is upon me, aiming the spear head at me. 


Really? Why would I be robbing my own shop! Brows furrow a little together, but I sigh softly. "Friend, not foe. I'm the one being robbed." And the one getting the shit kicked out of me by a Roe.  I don't allow that last part to leave my lips.

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"Ah, then excuse me m'lady. I had to be cautious lest I end up as the poor fellow behind me."


I digress to a non-combative stance and extend my right hand in a helping manner with the other still holding on to the weapon. "Need assistance?" I kept my Halberd close as a precaution for if it came to a violent conflict with the approaching guard's, I would need to cut another bloody path out of here, like what happened in Limsa Lominsa, though I pushed that thought back as I had no intention of starting the fight like back then.

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My gaze turns to the bloody mess laying on my back porch that was once a towering wall of meat, flesh, and tendons. Crossing this person would not be wise. Their speed, how they wield their weapon, it wouldn't end well for someone unarmed, and wounded. "I understand." I do considering where there is one pirate there typically are more lurking around.


Grasping onto the offered hand I pull myself up, but every time I move or breathe there is extreme discomfort. "There are two men in the study. One I smashed in the fact with a stool, the other burned his eyes with hot coffee." I whisper," I don't know if either have recovered yet." No sense in catching my savior off guard, and them possibly killed all on account I failed to share knowledge.

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"Ignore them. The guards can take care of them, considering they are already incapacitated." Inessa said, pulling up the woman who could barely even stand and putting her arm on Inessa's back, helping to support her.


Four guards come rushing up, three armed with battle axe's and one with a tome. Most likely the commanding officer of the lot. They stop just outside of the establishment to survey the dead Roe. Inessa emerges from the establishment supporting the injured woman but the guards had already drawn their weapon's. The one with the tome came forward, A Hyur male, with short black hair.


"Halt felon, unhand the maiden and surrender yourself!" The young arcanist proclaimed.


"Gladly, but I am no felon good sir. Just a passing wanderer." Inessa retorted back to the young male.


"Then surrender yourself for we know who you are, Inessa the impaler." The young male demanded.

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My mind is still rather clouded with the agony rocketing through the left region of my rib cage. It radiates through my chest cavity any time I breathe in, or out, making everything uncomfortable. When my savior puts me on their back I don't fight or argue. Right now I just want to collapse, and fall into a coma like sleep. My face goes to nuzzle into the back of the Dragoon's shoulder.


Ebony ears flick hearing the demands of the guards, and I become aware of their presence. Lifting my face from the stranger's shoulder red wine irises flick among their faces. An annoyed breath escapes, my tongue clicking along the back of ivory enamels. Fur along the length of my tail bristles outward, the appendage flicking back and forth. 


I attempt to slip off Inessa's back, and should it be a success, I would travel around the criminal, and stand between the guards and my savior. A favor to repay a debt. I cannot stand being in debt with people for I always pay my dos. Scratching the back of my head with my right hand, fingers twist into the ebony and claret fibers. "Now see I cannot just stand by here, and well let this Inessa person to be whisked away into custody." What the fuck am I about to get myself into? My mind is telling me no. Logic is screaming in frustration for I am about to do something rather risky, and reckless. "This person saved me. For that I am in their debt, and I pay my dos always. So we're in a really touch bind."


Ears swivel on my forehead, and I sigh. Slipping out from my mouth is the tip of my tongue. Moistening the skin I let out a rather sharp, and high pitched whistle afterward. Charging swiftly from around the right side of the house is a colossal Coeurl. Elongated talons grip onto the soft earth, and the mass of tones muscles can be seen rippling under his skin. Black lips curl over long fangs, that glisten from saliva. Around the left of the house a big fat chocobo, and a rather smaller one, rush toward the guards. I don't give them the opportunity to back down.


The morbidly obese yellow bird goes to blow through the guards in hopes of knocking them all over. Should it be a success the Coeurl would be upon them. Snapping its jaws wildly, slashing at the air near them, but never going in to hurt them "Get out of here Inessa." I demand, the normal sized Chocobo coming to me.

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